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Follow the yellow brick road

>> Monday, October 31, 2011

My sister and her sweet family came down for a visit this weekend, which was extra special since our neighborhood Trick-or-Treat was Saturday night!  As soon as Megan booked their plane tickets, we started brainstorming costume ideas for Amelia and Jackson. 

It wasn't until Megan was going through some of our old baby clothes for Amelia that we finally found the perfect theme.  In the box was a beautiful Wizard of Oz "Dorothy" dress.  All Amelia needed was some ruby slippers, a lion, a tin man and a scarecrow Jackson, her daddy, and her uncle!

Much to my surprise, and with a little bribe or two, we pulled off a seamless Trick-or-Treat! And even more to my surprise, I think Mr. had more fun dressing up than Jackson:) It only took a few houses before the neighborhood turned into the yellow brick road and they were skipping about!
Tin man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion & Dorothy

The tin man needed some oil:)
I hope y'all have a spooky Halloween today! We'll be out again tonight, only with a much bigger roar...remember those bribes I mentioned;) Trick or Treat!!!


It's about time...

>> Friday, October 28, 2011

two weeks without updating the good ole' blog, I think it's about time to catch y'all up on the Wilson happenings! Be warned - this may just be the most random post ever:)

Let's start back with my business trip to Chicago. The conference I attended was awesome, and the week of "city life" was an amazing experience. Staying on the magnificent mile, getting our morning coffee, and walking with the morning commuters to "work" was thrilling. I even contemplated having my boys pack up and try this lifestyle out for a little while, but I realized two things: City life isn't cheap and walking in the rain really sucks! I have a new appreciation for my home-brewed coffee and front row parking spot at the office.

Post-it RIP Steve Jobs - Apple Store Michigan Ave.
Night from our room
After spending a week away, I also realized how much Jackson is really growing up. Literally, he's grown over 2 inches in the past couple of months and is now in the 98% for height and 88% for weight! And even more than is physical growth, his mental growth is blowing my mind. In 4 short months, he's gone from no vocabulary to speaking in sentences, counting to 12, singing his ABC's and knowing all of his colors. He's such a social butterfly and always wants to play with his friends. And by friends, he means anyone under the age of 10 that will look at him. Poor boy needs a baby brother so bad!

And speaking of baby...I had a consultation with my RE this week. We've been trying for about 6 months now and thought it was best to go ahead and schedule a consult. I thought it would be months before they could see us, but instead it was only days! It was just the sign that I needed. I was so incredibly nervous about going back {both physically and emotionally} but felt at such ease once we saw the doctor and got back in the stirrups again for a date with the vag cam:)

From the looks of the ultrasound, I may have PCOS, but no conclusions or treatment plans have been made just yet. I go back on day 3 of my next cycle for blood work and we'll go from there. Depending on the results, specially my FSH results, we may try on our own for a few more months or proceed with Dec/Jan medicated cycle.

Jackson is participating in Meredith's Itty Bitty Pen Pal program, and we just love our pal! We hope that Charlie has a great trick-or-treat and we can't wait to see pictures.
Someone couldn't wait to get their hands on the loot!
Speaking of trick-or-treat...I've got my fingers crossed that Action Jackson will cooperate with what we planned on him dressing up as...reasoning with a 2.5 year old is pretty impossible though. Again, fingers crossed:)

Other big news around our house is that Jackson's room is being converted into a big boy room this weekend.  For the past two weeks Jackson has been waking up all night long.  I'm not sure if this is some sort of wakeful period or if he's rolling out of his bed because it's too small.  We're going with the later reason, so I've been painting an antique rod iron full size bed all week.  My pointer finger is officially numb from testing out so many spray paints, but I think I like the oil rubbed bronze color I settled on.  I'll post pictures as soon as the transformation is complete!
Big boy in a little bed:)
Lastly, I'd like to give a shout out to my Cardinal's! Was last night's game not incredible?!? I'm hoping tonight's game is less nerve wracking and a big win to close out Red October.  Who would have thought one of my childhood best friend's little brother would be such a rock star.  Go Freese!!!


A perfect fall weekend

>> Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hey lovely readers! I'm blogging from Chicago this week, and boy am I missing my boys! But, momma has to keep up with the ever changing advertising industry and I'm learning a lot. I've been gone since sunrise on Tuesday and don't get back home until tomorrow night - which is the longest I've ever been away from either of my boys. There may or may not have been some tears shed when they were both blowing me kisses bye and shouting LOVE YOU out the car windows at 5 o'clock in the morning!

Since I was going to be gone this whole week, I made sure to plan a fun-filled family weekend before I left. We laughed and played and spent some good quality time together.

Friday night was my little brother's senior night before his high school football game. Of course, Jackson had to sport his uncle's number and run across the field trying to play "b-ball" with the big boys. After the presentation of all the seniors, we had to head home to babysit our neighbors itty bitty baby boy! I can only hope when God blesses us with another baby that our nights are as fun and easy as Friday night was. Jackson so needs a baby brother:)

Mr. woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and left for Baton Rouge to set up the tailgate and start his "famous" Alligator Sauce Piquante. He cooks this every year for the LSU vs. Florida game.
Jackson and I got to Baton Rouge a little later in the morning and ended up staying until after the game! I wasn't too sure how long Jackson would last this year at the tailgate, but he did great. He even went into the game with his daddy for the whole first half of the game! I sat out at the tailgate with some girlfriends and met Mr. at halftime to bring Jackson back with me to run around and play. It was such a pretty day and an even better game for our Tigers, which made for a very happy Mr.:)
Jackson did not want to stop playing for a picture:)

Every.single.time Jackson saw a tiger (which you can only imagine how often this was) he'd ROAR as loud as he could and sing his little version of the LSU fight song. It was so sweet and melted my heart!
Sunday was an early morning for the Wilson's, which ended up not being so bad being that I am not a morning person. Mr. had to go to a gumbo cook-off for his firm, so Jackson and I made blueberry muffins, did 3 loads of laundry, changed the bed sheets, played outside, blew bubbles, colored, went for a walk, and counted pumpkins in the neighborhood...all before 11AM!

And since we were able to get so much done in the morning, I showered while Jackson napped and Mr. got home just in time for us to head to the pumpkin patch for the afternoon. Jackson had the best time, ever! He ran from pumpkin to pumpkin, chased the bunnies and chickens, got "lost" in the maze, and jumped until he was silly in the fun jump. Now, getting him to leave was not so fun!

It was totally one of those weekends that filled my heart so full of happiness and joy, I thought it could explode! I really want to make this more of our norm - besides, the cobwebs can wait and the house can actually be dirty for the house cleaner when she comes!


It's fall y'all!

>> Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's finally fall, my most favorite time of the year! The weather is amazing, the skies are crystal blue, and tailgating is in full force around the Wilson household.

Football season means that it's time to bring out the fall decor and pumpkins! I usually wait to put up my Halloween decorations until later in October, but start early with fall and keep it out until Thanksgiving. I have a few turkey's that will be switched out with Halloween though!

Decorating the new house was fun and stressful all at the same time! I absolutely love how I have everything decorated, so I didn't want to change much to make room for the fall. I actually kept about half of my stuff in boxes this year, maybe I'll feel differently next season!

All I need now is a family trip to the pumpkin patch and we'll be set!

Welcome to Fall at the Wilson's
Our front door, which will be decorated with a large spider web for Halloween!
Decor in the foyer
Witches and candy corn added to the family room
Fall tablescape, much less than years in the past!
"trick or treat" and pumpkins added to the buffet
more pumpkins on the bar
love this "trick or treat" frame.  it also can be hung
I couldn't leave out the patio decor!
there's signs of fall everywhere!

Happy Fall Y'all! Photobucket


Taking some mr. & mrs. time

>> Monday, October 3, 2011

As much as I love my lil man to pieces, every once and a while I need some time to just love on my big man aka my Mr.  I have such a love/hate relationship with the balancing act of the Momma and the Mrs. inside of me!

The second I start to daydream about getting dressed up for a date night or think about getting that much need pedicure, the momma guilt kicks in.  Don't get me wrong - I take a lot of time out for me and us - but it's so hard to enjoy the same level of satisfaction as I once did.  We've all been there, I hope!

I digress. 

We ended up having a few extra tickets to the LSU game on Saturday, so we had a tough decision on whether or not to invite friends to the game sans kiddos or to go as a family.  We decided to take friends and spend a day as just Mr. & Mrs. We left our parental responsibilities in the hands of Loli & Pop and knew that Jackson would have a better time with them.  Besides, kickoff time was also his nap time and I knew that we I would be chasing around a tired Action Jackson and roaring with Mike the Tiger instead of watching the actual football game.

We couldn't have asked for a better day or friends to spend the day with.  The weather on Saturday was picture perfect {I am praying for a repeat this Saturday since I plan on taking Jackson}. The tigers had an exceptionally early kick off, so as soon as Jackson was safely turned over to my parents, we started our day with mimosas and coffee as we headed to Death Valley.
We were able to push through the game day traffic and make it to campus about an hour before kickoff. And within a minute of arriving to our tailgate, I was already showing off recent Jackson pic on my phone:)

However, knowing that Jackson was eating my parents out of house and home, seriously 7 pancakes must be a record, and then napping for a good portion of the game allowed me to relax and enjoy our date day! And by the looks of all the self-portraits in my iphone, we may have enjoyed ourselves a little too much:)

Geaux Tigers!

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