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Louisiana Sneaux Day

>> Friday, January 24, 2014

It's nap time here on a snowy Friday afternoon.  And as foreign as that sounds and feels, a snow day in Louisiana, so does actually opening this space and hitting publish. Here I sit, blogging from my couch, between answering work emails and staring off into the backyard watching the rooftops collect an icy mix of snow and sleet.  The fire is warming the house and the beauty of both the inside and outside of my home, well simply warms my heart.

I've opened my laptop about a hundred times with the intention of blogging, but my heart just hasn't been in it.  Where to begin?  What to even say?  And who am I doing all this for?  I used this blog as a diary and journal for over five years - why have I stopped and how do I pick back up again?

I know I need to devote time and energy to this  for me - because as much as I say and think nothing has really been blog worthy, I'm finding myself forgetting about the details and milestones.  These are the things that are without a doubt worthy of blogging, for me and my family.  I want to look back and remember what I felt the day that Mattie took her first steps and the fear I had as a momma when Jackson got his first stitches.  I want to remember the hard work, sweat and some times tears that Mr. puts in to his work - for us, for our future.  I want to have confirmation that while some weeks I may feel like a single mom,  in the long-run I am not.  I want to remember how happy this time in our lives is and what it's like growing as a young family of four.

So for these reasons, I finally feel the desire again to type my thoughts into this little space that I've created.  My posts probably will never be as consistent as they were in years past.  Life has just changed, and sometimes change is a good thing.

And just like that, nap time has ended and it's time to publish.  Until next time, stay warm y'all!

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