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May Flowers

>> Friday, June 28, 2013

April showers brought us the most beautiful May flowers, theoretically speaking.

Life presented us with some tough choices and wonderful opportunities this spring. Opportunities that literally presented themselves in such a way that you couldn't ignore or pass up.

After we had Mattie we knew some things had to change in our lives, but we really weren't sure what needed to change.  It wasn't the actual birth of Mattie Jayne that rocked our world.  It was the realization that we only have one life to live this beautiful life that we've been blessed with.

Mr. and I were always stressed to the max and both worked jobs that required our attention or thought 24/7.  That, on top of our family, which obviously needs us 24/7+. We also need each other, but were too tired to give anymore to one another at the end of the day.

We contemplated me not working.
We inquired about me dropping a few hours, working a bit less.
We prayed.
We felt change was upon us, just not sure when it would present itself.

And then one night, on our way to Friday Family Date Night, I got a text that was the change we were waiting for.  An invitation to join a dream team.  An invitation so sincere and real that I was re-charged. Re-charged in myself more than I've ever been before.

43 applicants, 2-rounds of interviews, countless hours of prayer for guidance, and one offer that I couldn't pass up.

I am not the most religious person.  We don't go to church.  I've yet to have my children baptized.  But, I believe.  And I pray and worship with myself often. I know in my heart of hearts with all my faith, that this was the answer I had been looking for...quite possibly longer than I'm even aware of.

So after almost nine years in the advertising agency world, I am now the Marketing Specialist for a local hospital.

From day-one, I knew that this was the perfect job for me.  I'm doing something that I love, for an industry that's second nature to me.  I have the flexibility and support that our family needs.  And my family has me, and it feels good.

May flowers didn't just bloom for me though.

Mattie finally got an open position at Jackson's school.  She'd been on the waiting list since conception, seriously.  She had a rough first few days, but she's finding her routine too.  We absolutely love the school and couldn't be happier knowing that our children are in such a loving and educational place.  Talk about making going to work so much easier...especially since our nanny literally no-showed her last two weeks with us and I don't even want to think about how she may have treated our princess.

First day of Pre-K4 & Daycare. May 27, 2013
5-months and a few days
Two weeks shy of his 4th birthday
Jackson started Pre-k4 the same day that Mattie started at his school...which also happened to be the same day I moved in to my new office.  We decided to cram as much change into one day as possible:)

So that pretty much sums up the changes that transpired into our May flowers that are in full bloom now!


Roar Jackson's 4!

>> Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's hard to believe my first born is already four years old.  Where has the time gone? I vividly remember driving to my daily doctor's appointments waiting to be told today is the day! 
Jackson has taught me so much about life and continues to be my pride and joy every day.  He is such a sweet, tender-hearted, little boy.  He's full of life and character that is out of this world.  We nicknamed him the negotiator because he is just that.  "No" is never an answer for him, he always has another option, "how 'bout...".
I love celebrating birthdays.  Since Jackson is old enough to really have friends this year, we decided to host a real birthday party for him.  We haven't had a big party since his first, we've celebrated his others with just family and a few close friends.
If you know Jackson, then you know that this kids absolutely loves dinosaurs.  He knows them all by name, but his favorite is the T-Rex.  Of course, when we asked Jackson what kind of party he wanted it was dinos all the way!

I found some cute invites and decoration from Oriental Trading and Party City.  I may have gone a little over board, but Jackson loved it all.  He was a little upset that his T-Rex pinata would have to be broken to get the candy out..let's just say it's a good thing he likes candy:)

We hosted the party at my mom's house.  They have a big backyard and a pool, so the set up works well! We had a DINO-mite party with swimming and a dinosaur fun jump.  The party was in the afternoon so the food was pretty simple.  We had little snacks and sandwiches, and beverages of course.

Even though Jackson's birthday isn't until June 9th, we always celebrate over Memorial Day weekend. It has worked out well since it's a long weekend so my dad and sister can make the trip down.  May is also a big birthday month for the family, so we have a lot of people to celebrate.  Not including Jackson, we have my sister and brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my brother, the Brummett twins, my grandma, and maybe even more that I'm leaving off here! Stephanie and the girls were supposed to come as well, but a terrible virus kept them home for the weekend:( 

A large time was had by all little ones that made the party, and some of the adults too! It rained at the very end of the party, but Jackson certainly didn't let that ruin his fun.

Happy birthday my sweet boy, happy birthday!


Daddy & Jackson

>> Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now that Jackson is a little older, um 4-years to be exact, he's able to do "big boy" things with his Daddy.

They have their Saturday (and sometime Sunday too) tradition of going to get donuts.

They do laps around the neighborhood pond to pick up trash.  Jackson loves to "walk the pond"

They fish.

And they've made a few trips to Baton Rouge to watch some LSU Tiger baseball.

I feel like a lifetime has flashed before my eyes and I see many boys weekends of fishing, hunting and Tiger's in our future.  I guess that's why God blessed me with a little girl to stay home and shop with:)

Boys will be boys, and man do I love mine!


Diamonds are a girls best friend

>> Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A fews days before Mattie turned 5-months-old, we decided to have her ear's pierced.  I had been contemplating it for a while, thinking about the pro's and con's, and ultimately decided on a whim that it was time:)

My sister and I both had our ear's pierced as babies and have known no different. Megan wait until Amelia was a little older to have hers pierced and she is constantly pulling them out.  She pierced Ellie's when she was about 7-months and she's done great with them.  I would have done Mattie's at the same time we pierced Ellie's, but her ears were still too small.

I knew that I wanted to pierce Mattie's around 6-months, and before our trip to Aruba so that we'd be home if she had any problems or infections.  So one evening Mr. and I dropped Jackson at my parents to swim while we ran some errands...and we ended up at the Mall getting our princess some diamond studs and piercing her ears! Mr. was so sweet and wanted Mattie's earrings to match mine, he loves his girls:)

Poor Mattie had no idea what she was in for, but lucky (for me) she tolerated the actual piercing much better than the markings.  Holding her head so still was nerve-wracking and I envisioned her ending up with a nose ring when she jerked away!

All said and done, they are just precious and haven't bothered Mattie yet.  I just love her little ear bling and our princess girl:)


Great Gatsby Party

>> Monday, June 24, 2013

As promised, I'm catching this ol' blog may be busy but I know I'll regret not capturing these family moments! So more than anything, I'm doing this for myself.  Are there any readers out there anymore or have I lost y'all?

To kick off the month of May, my in-laws were presented with an award at a Great Gatsby themed party.  The event and evening was so nice, and I actually loved dressing the part.  I don't normally like wearing costumes or theme dressing, but this one was fun! And coincidentally, the party was the same night as the Great Gatsby movie launch!

Mr.'s sister is a very talented make up artist and made sure to make me a little bit before we arrived at the party.  She's so sweet because I don't wear much make up or do anything special to my hair.  When she arrived with her toolbox of product I didn't know what I was in for...but I think she'll be making me up more with all the Mardi Gras parties we have coming up!

I love a good wine, good company and making memories:)

Taylor and I all made up for the party

My handsome hubby arrived just in time for the presentation! 
My beautiful sister and mother-in-law, Wilson family



April Showers...

>> Saturday, June 22, 2013

I didn't realize it at the time, but the month of April was prepping us for amazing May flowers.   Big changes took place for our little family, and I'm pleased to say that things couldn't have ended up better!  May was certainly a month full of exciting and nerve-wracking decisions, which I promise to get to...sooner, than later:)

During the month of April we started walking the neighborhood again.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that two kids would mean our days of walking after work would be challenged.  But, sadly between nursing and feeding two kiddos and baths and our bed time routine leaves little time for much else in the hour we get home from work.

I digress.

We started walking when we could and Jackson found a sweet little baby turtle friend.  He named her Sara and she hung around the pond out back for a few days.  She really was a cute, little thing.

We celebrated Mr.'s 39th birthday with a late dinner at Ruth's with Mimmy & Beh.  My handsome husband keeps getting better looking with age, which is so not fair;)

Mardi Gras is going to be better than ever this year, 2014.  Mr.'s step-mom is Queen of her Mardi Gras krewe.  The parties have already started, first being her surprise crowning!
The Zoo got a few new members as we decided to get a family pass for the year.  It's not the St. Louis Zoo, but Jackson loves to run through it.  We've been a few times to get our money's worth!

I was able to spend a few weekends poolside at my parents as the weather quickly changed to Summer.  Mattie will spend a good bit of time laying out with us too, in the shade of course.  The hardest part of April was keeping Jackson out of the water.  He had his cast the whole month and couldn't wait to swim, which he did as soon as the cast came off in May.

Jackson and Mattie are forming the sweetest sibling bond and it completely  Seriously, these two have us wrapped around their fingers and toes!
Big brother trying to break baby sister free from her swaddle:)
Jackson took it upon himself to cuddle next to Mattie one afternoon
Jackson is so sweet and tender and for the most part - happy.  Whether he's run around in his PJ's, playing with his Pop or hanging with his Daddy, fishing or cleaning up the pond...he's happy.  Jackson, Mr. and Beh started a new little tradition of meeting up for donuts on Saturday mornings.  My sweet boys love this time so much! 

Festival International was the last weekend of the month and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. The advertising agency I worked for (did you catch that, wink wink) has the Festival account, which I managed.  So, we had a lovely little set up this year with VIP passes! 

We had a couple family nights and managed to get some sitters to have adult time too! Jackson absolutely LOVES music and to dance, so I felt bad leaving him at home.  Mattie Jayne, well she absolutely needs her bed by about 7:30-8PM and makes it known to all.  I shouldn't complain because she is such a good sleeper, but it does require us to be home a bit more than we're used to.

Speaking of Mattie Jayne; she turned 4-months in April and weighed in at 13.04 lbs.  She was in the 50% for height, weight and head circumference.  I've been so bad at her monthly updates, but honestly besides getting cuter and bigger...not much has changed.  

She sleeps amazing at night.  Goes down by about 7:30-8PM and sleeps until 6-7AM (even later most recently).  She fights naps if you let her get too tired and well, girlfriend is not happy when you let her get to that point.  I think she may have her mother's temperament, which some have accused of being a little b*$#@.  She nurses every 4 hours or so during the day and has a smile that lights up the room, just like her big brother.

We had a nanny that started to flake out on us during the months of April & May, so Mattie spent a good bit of time hanging out at my office, her daddy's office and with grandparents.  So happy our situation has changed and we now have reliable care. It was really starting to weigh heavily on me, which just plain sucked!
That pretty much wraps up the month of April...which feels like just yesterday! 

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