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Momma fail moment

>> Thursday, February 24, 2011

I had a huge momma fail moment on Sunday, but I refused to let it ruin our wonderful weekend away! Okay, it wasn't that big of a fail that it could possibly ruin our weekend...but it sure as hell was an embarrassing one!

It's no secret that my kid has fat feet, no really, they are like bricks.  And finding shoes for these fat feet has been a topic on here a time a two.  Jackson's feet are so fat that I can't just go to a store and pick up a pair of shoes.  I've yet to find a local place that carries shoes in extra wide in his size.  I have to search, and hunt, and beg for shoes that are wide enough for said bricks feet.

So, on our way home from New Orleans we passed an outlet mall outside of Baton Rouge.  I remembered this mall having a Stride Rite, so I asked Mr. to stop so we could at least have them measure Jackson's shoe size.  I've been returning and exchanging shoes since Christmas trying to find the right size and width combination.

Let's just say that we walked into the store with size 6 extra wide shoes on foot, and left with size 8.5 extra wide on foot.  My poor boy had been wearing shoes not one, but TWO AND A HALF sizes too small! Needless to say, Jackson got a couple pairs of new shoes that day and the size 6's were packed away as soon as we got home.

I'd say that was a momma fail moment in my book...and it sure was to the saleslady helping us out!

At the rate Jackson's foot is growing, his footprint is going to be mistaken for Big Foot's soon:)



Some time away

>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Me and my boys spent some time away from home over the weekend and it was heavenly! Sometimes you just need to get away to recharge and reconnect. No phones, no computers, no plans, no laundry, no worries!

The timing worked out so perfectly, it was like God knew that we needed this weekend. Work has been crazy busy for both Mr. and myself. When the pressure is on, it's hard to not turn your spouse into your punching bag!

So when a work meeting in New Orleans came up for me and an event at the Fairground for Mr., we knew it was meant to be! Friday morning we loaded the car and heading East.  We got into the city just in time for Mr. to drop me off to my meeting and find a place for he and Jackson to grab some lunch.  My meeting went well and I was able to walk over to Superior Grill to meet my boys for lunch.

The weather was absolutely amazing so we sat outside and just relaxed until it was time to check into our hotel.  When we checked in we got cleaned up and ready for a night at the racetracks.  Mr. and I aren't into gambling, but we're all about free food and drink:) It was especially nice since Jackson was with his uncle hanging out at the Tulane dorms {the joys of younger brothers, built in babysitters}. We schmoozed and boozed and Jackson ran around flirting with some college girls:) I think it was a win - win!

Saturday morning we woke up and took a stroll around the city and watched it come alive.  With venti coffees in hand and Jackson in his stroller, we walked and walked and walked.  We went through Jackson Square and looked at all of the art.  We watched the fog leave the city.  We listened to a few musicians.  Mr. got his all time favorite Verti Marte.  We watched all of the bars and restaurants clean the streets and prep for the day.  It was four hours of perfectness.

We all love to be outside and Jackson loves to be in his stroller.  At one point in the morning Mr. looked and me and said that he could literally watch me floating on cloud nine.  These little beauties may or may not have been part of that reason;)

With my new shoes in hand {it was way too hot to wear boots with my dress, so I just had to get 'em}, we all got cleaned up for the day and made our way over to Magazine St.   We spent a few more hours strolling around.  When we were hungry we stopped for a bite, and a drink.  No plans, no agenda, no where to be!

Later in the afternoon we went back by Tulane and picked up my brother and his roommate for dinner.  Jackson loves these boys to pieces.  After dinner we decided to take Cameron's roommate to see a parade.  He's from the east coast, so this will be his first Mardi Gras...and he's a little excited:)

I was happy that Jackson enjoyed the parade and the music.  Half of me was worried the floats and bead throwing would scare him.  Silly momma, he loved it! We stayed back from the crowd, but it was perfect.  There were a few girls at the parade that recognized Jackson from the dorms the night before...not even 2 and the girls are yelling down the street at my boy:)

Sunday morning we woke up and did the same as the day before.  Coffees, stroller, and my boys.  We walked for a few hours and grabbed breakfast at a cute little cafe.  I was so sad when it was time to go shower and check-out.  I had the most amazing weekend away with my boys, I didn't want it to end!

My heart is happy and I feel a little recharged and oh so blessed! Happy Wednesday loves:)


Where's Jackson?!?

>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh of course, he's hiding under the bathroom sink?!?Just where all clever little boys think to hide...

This kid, I tell you! He's all about hiding lately. Good thing he's not too quiet;)



Tidbits of information

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here's some random bits of information for you on this lovely Tuesday:)

Our house has been on the market for a little over 4 months
We've had 14 house showings, but not one offer
I'm so over keeping everything "show ready"
Mr. and I are an amazing team and can go from a hot mess to said show ready in 30 minutes.
Why do I know this, oh because one Saturday morning we were woken up by a showing request!

I go back and forth between buying and building a new house a hundred times a day

Jackson will go to public elementary school, but I can't decide between the two I want him to go to.
One scores better, and the other is newer.
Ranks and scores should outweigh newness, right?!?

Jackson has turned into an amazing sleeper, hallelujah!!!
Now if he could give me some words, we'd be set...

I count to 3 at least a dozen times a night
Jackson responds well to it.  By 1- 2 - 2.5, he's listening:)
1-2-3 is much more effective at getting his attention then with a timeout or spanking

We've had a preview of the terrible two's, and well I'm terrified!

We're not friends if you hurt or upset the ones I love, just sayin'

Sure, Mr. is an attorney, but with that degree came a large amount of debt
We pay around $600 a month in student loans -
and will until Jackson goes to college -
how depressing is that?!?

I'm getting a baby hauler in 6 weeks,
just in time for gas prices to go back up.
Just my luck.

Jackson has his hearing test in two weeks.
From there, I'll decide on whether or not we'll do speech therapy

I'm checking out a preschool Thursday for Jackson to start once he's two.
2, how crazy is that.
My baby is going to be 2!

I hate when people assume they know the whole story about things

In a couple of weeks I will have eleven straight days of visitors!
11 days of entertaining 3 different members of my family
And they each overlap by a day
My dad will get to see my best friend and her girls
Then Stephanie will get to meet Amelia and see my sister
It's going to be amazing!

I wonder just how "show ready" the house will look after those 11 days, ha!


Mr. Romantic

I had a little Valentine's surprise waiting for me when I got home last night that made me feel so special. Mr. knows me well, and that I'm all about the little things;)

So Mr. Romantic lead me to believe all weekend that he was going to have to work late Monday night.   It really wasn't a big deal because that happens a lot and we weren't doing anything for Valentine's Day.  I called Mr. on my way home to check and see how his day was going.  I had plans to go pick up Jackson, and take him to the store to get a big balloon and a rotisserie chicken for dinner. 

Mr. quickly informed me that he got the biggest balloon ever and was on his way to get the chicken and the boy! Wait, what?!?

Oh it doesn't stop there, when I walked in the door there was a bottle of champagne chilling and my candy dish was filled refilled with chocolates! And next to all of that was a movie I had been waiting to see, that I totally forgot all about.  Non of that can even compare to the love note he wrote for me.  Mr. Romantic swept me off my feet and reminded me why I loved him so much!

Is he romantic or what?!?
And apparently he thought I needed to drink after Saturday night to make me feel better:)

me and my crazy boys, this was as good as we could get for a self portrait!

Jackson's Valentine's art project from the sitters


Fun family weekend

>> Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day loves! 

I am still nursing a hangover from too much mommy juice Saturday night not feeling so lovely today, but this 70 degree weather is making it me oh so happy. I am more than ready for spring to be here and am literally craving the outdoors!

With our busy agendas, Mr. and I decided to stay in for Valentine's Day.  We are literally out of town or having guests in from out of town every weekend through March.  Mr.'s 37th birthday is sneaking up on us we may be busy into April too!

Friday night we grilled a tenderloin and vegetables and I made a nice salad.  We all ate dinner as a family and instead of following with our normal routine of bath and bed, Jackson had other plans.  I stored all of his phase 2 Christmas presents under his bed, and someone found them Friday night.  Jackson has a new hiding spot, and thought he hit the jackpot!

So Thomas the train set up shop in our family room Friday night.  Jackson loves to hide and play in things, so this was heaven.  I think he would have slept in the tent, if I would have let him.  Maybe one day:)

Saturday morning was the start to a beautiful day.  Mr. made his oh so delicious blueberry muffins, we went for a long walk, played with Jackson's truck and then he took a long afternoon nap.  Daddy was able to get a good bit of work done and I enjoyed a much needed mani/pedi! I participated in Meredith's Spring Polish Swap, so I had a lovely new red polish for my toes.

Later that evening we were invited over to a good friends house for a fish fry.  With Jackson's health we've been such homebodies, so it was good to get out...too good! Two mommas with Mr.'s keeping their glasses full while they played with the boys...all night.  Let's just say that this momma only made it from the bed to the couch yesterday.  Thankfully, Jackson was just as worn out and woke up at 10:30, and napped from 1-4. 

I had big plans of baking cute heart shaped sugar cookies with my boys, but instead I opted for the slice and bake.  Mom of the year right here!

Jackson will love them just the same:) And I'm sure the kids at sitter's will enjoy them too!

I'm going to try and redeem myself by making dinner tonight and bringing home the biggest heart shaped balloon I can find!

We have a weekend in New Orleans coming up, so Mr. and I are treating ourselves to a nice time while we are there...which is so much better than a Valentine:)



20 months old

>> Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My sweet Jackson Christopher, you are a 20-month-old toddler, which means you are getting closer and closer to being 2 whole years old! Where or where has the time gone? Sometimes I hold you so tight, close my eyes and just try to exhale. As much as I love to watch you grow, I want to hold you in my arms forever.

I pray to God and Grandma every day and night to watch over you and keep you safe from all things. You are such a busy, carefree, and brave boy. I can't imagine how we've gone this long without a broken bone or a trip to the ER.

You are so independent and needy all at the same time.  You have quite a unique way of communicating what you want.  I think we'd all get along much better if you'd use or word or two, instead of pointing, stomping and grunting.  But, you're a stubborn boy, stuck in your ways!

Just the other morning you were obsessing over a hat.  So for breakfast, you wore your hat with your pj's while you ate your first banana of the day.  You still love bananas and almost everything we feed you.  However, you're a little like your momma and are turned off by some textures of food, and milk.

Dinosaurs, balloons, balls, cars and trains are still your favorite toys.  That and music.  You love to shake your little butt and bounce to any beat.  Unfortunately, my lil white boy, you have no rhythm.  Momma is trying to work on that, as we dance in the family room most nights when I get home from work.

You love your bed and you bath.  Recently you have decided that only you, your crib sheet and your blanket are allowed in bed with you.  You even take the sound pack out of your sleep sheep and throw it across the room.  Like I said, your a boy stuck in your ways and there is little reasoning with you, so we go with it.

Since I stopped nursing you, we took the rocking chair out of your nursery - it's phase one of your big boy room.  You now have a table and chairs set up in the corner and you love it.  You sit and color take the lids on and off of the markers and "read" books.

Speaking of books, you finally enjoy being read to.  Your all time favorite book was a first birthday gift, from Aumee' and Uncle Chris.  We read Tyrannosaurus Reg no less than 5 times a night.  You patiently wait in anticipation for the ROAR at the very end of the book.  And every time you hear that ROAR you act as surprised as you were the very first time we heard it.

You are a total creature of habit, just like your Momma and Daddy.  We each have our things own issues that we are very ritualistic about.  Believe it or not, we all look forward to your breathing treatments now because of this.  It's our time to sit and snuggle while you watch Dino Dan.  It's the only time you actually sit still these days!

We're working with you on your words, but it's a daily struggle.  This week you've been replying Yes or Yes Ma'am when we ask if you want to watch Dino Dan, which means breathing treatment time.  You're also great at putting shapes and colors where they belong and helping pick up. 

You still love to give sugars or kisses, and I ask for at least a hundred a day:) You love when you make the mwah! sound and do it over and over again.  You also wave bye, blow kisses, high five, give knuckles, sweet eyes, and can point to all of your body parts.  You can even point to others now too.

You mimic everything we do, from brushing your teeth to wearing our shoes to blow drying your hair.  I know once you start talking, you'll be just like a little parrot, copying all that we do and say!

You're holding at 30lbs. and are 33" tall still this month.  You looked so much bigger when I got back from St. Louis.  I thought for sure we'd have to switch your car seat to forward facing this month, but we still have 5 more pounds to go.  Your bleach blond hair is starting to get darker.  It's still blond, but the whiteness is turning to golden.  I'm hoping the summer sun will bleach it out again!

Everyday I love you more and can't be more blessed to be your momma! I hate that your not my baby anymore, but I love the little man you are growing up to be. 


Treatment plan for Jackson

Last Thursday and Friday were cold days for us in South Louisiana. We had a little freezing rain and ice, but nothing compared to pretty much the rest of the country. It was just enough for Mr.'s office to close both days, but not mine.

With that said, Jackson got a clear runny nose and began coughing again in the middle of last week. I figured that he just had a cold. He was sleeping great and didn't seem sick at all. Between the hot and cold weather, everyone's allergies and sinuses were a mess.

But by lunchtime on Thursday Jackson was refusing to eat and had a fever. Lovely. Just lovely. I called our pediatrician's office, but they had closed due to weather.

So I called Jackson's ENT. I had a little breakdown with the receptionist and she got us into the doctor's schedule!

I went home, grabbed Jackson, and went by our pharmacy {which is another story in it's self. they are no longer our pharmacy. Did I mention I'm a hormonal mess?} to get a print out of every medication Jackson has been prescribed in the past 6 months.

The print out of medications was so helpful.  We've been to our pediatrician, the ENT, and a walk-in clinic.  So it was nice to have one doctor take a look at the big picture.   Jackson has been sick once a month since the fall.  He gets a two week antibiotic, he's well for two weeks, and he gets sick again.

Our ENT is sure that this was all due to his ears.  He would have been well after his tubes/adenoid removal, but feel victim to RSV and pneumonia.  Otherwise, his ears are doing beautifully and his tonsils looks great.

When I say that we had such a thorough visit, it's a complete understatement.  The doctor explained everything to me so well and talked through what medications Jackson needed and why! I think she sat with us for close to an hour.  In her opinion, we should have treated Jackson for at least one month and up to three months.  No one told me this, the two other doctors both said to stop once the cough and wheezing stopped. 

Long story short, the steroids and medication he was on helped, but its been a couple of weeks and they've worn off.  Jackson doesn't have RSV again, but his lungs/bronchial are inflamed and basically really pissed off. 

To fix that, and get Jackson totally well, we're now on a combination of two breathing machine/nebulizer medications, twice a day for at least the next month.  We also have two prescription cough medications that he gets orally, twice a day for the next month.  And a singular tab, once a day from now on. The best thing about this plan, it doesn't include one antibiotic!!!

Jackson can't be tested for allergies until he is two, and we will begin that process then.  Hard to believe my baby is 20-months-old today.  That's just a short 4 months shy of being 2!!! Oh time, please please please slow down.

At least I get so snuggle with my sweet boy twice a day for 25 minutes while he gets his treatments:)

this was from last week.  thankfully, Jackson is a creature of habit and enjoys the treatments much better now:)



Tears over dried milk

>> Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You know the saying don't cry over spilled milk? Well I'm not crying over spilled milk, but dried-up milk instead! Seriously momma's, do not and I repeat NOT wean the week before your period is due.  I'm a hormonal basket case.  I'm not sure whether I want to look in the mirror and sob over what's left of my chest or just cut my boobs off completely because my nipples hurt just as bad as they did when I started nursing.


The actual weaning process was easy.  Jackson hasn't fussed or tried to nurse once since our last night.  Literally, I had no pain, no engorgement, no leaking - until a week later.  And a week to the day later, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The emotions, the moodiness, the rock hard lumps, and the soreness.  For the first time ever, I stood in the shower while the built up milk sprayed all over the shower doors.  I know everyone says to bind with cabbage leaves, but the release of pressure was heavenly. 

I'm certainly not engorged anymore.  I'll be out buying new bras this weekend, that's for sure.  I'm still sore to the touch and Jackson can make my toes curl with pain if he rubs his head the wrong way  against my chest. I'd say something about the Mr., but I'm pretty sure he's in fear for his life if he gets too close.

I know this phase to shall pass, but can someone please pass the chocolate ice cream and Kleenex until then?!?

Vote for me! President of the IBT Committee:( 



Pear Tree Winner!

>> Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alright lucky girls, Jackson "picked" a winner this morning for this month's Pear Tree Greetings giveaway! Jackson's wanted a football theme for Superbowl Sunday today, notice his shirt and helmet:) Anything to make this sick boy feel a little better, right?!? If you check out the video, you can see that he's obviously not himself. Breaks this momma's heart!

So here's to saying that the first comment never wins:) That may have some truth with random picking, but it's all fair game when the numbers are pulled from a Saints helmet...or fall out and momma goes with it cause Jackson was just not feeling it!

Oh and Jackson expects to get one of the 24 free Valentine's cards:) I'll be sending you an email with your free code!


24 free Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

>> Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello loves,

This week has been crazy.  Between big boy room progress, icy cold weather, more doctor's appointment, oh and work, I need a clone! I almost forgot that Valentine's day is just around the corner and I have a giveaway for you:)

So here's a change to get 24 FREE Valentine's Day cards! Sweet, right?!?Aren't you glad I remembered:)

Leave a comment with your email address, mandatory. Follow us if you'd like, friend us on FB, or tweet with us. Any and all will get you an extra chance at FREE Valentine's Day cards from Pear Tree Greetings. Just leave a new comment for each!

Here's a few of my top picks, good luck ladies!

One last thing, be sure to comment fast! Jackson will be picking the winner in the morning, after his first breathing treatment of the day...yep, lots to update y'all on! It's always something!


Meeting Amelia

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

At 4AM last Thursday morning the alarm on my iphone went off. I am so not a morning person, but this wake-up call was to get on a plane to go meet my sweet niece, Amelia. After numerous calls through-out the nights from my sister, I was more than ready to get up to St. Louis and help her. Nursing was not going well and Amelia was just not eating. These make for a bad combination with a new mommy! One night Mr. was even giving advice through the phone in the wee hours of the morning:)

So, I brushed my teeth and finished packing my bag in just enough time to wake-up Jackson and rock him for a few minutes before we had to leave for the airport. I've only left my boys for one night at a time, so I had some anxiety about being so far away for 3 nights.

Mr. and Jackson waved me good-bye and I waited for my flight to board.  I had a quick layover in Houston, TX, and was in St. Louis by 9AM.  My dad picked me up and drove me out to my sister's house.  It was the longest 30 minutes ever! When I got to my sisters Amelia had just finished nursing and was all snuggled up in their bed.  I  crawled in with them, and snuggled my little heart out! I seriously don't think we moved for an hour.  We sat just checking each other out and getting to know one another.  Don't worry, it was love at first sight:)

Later that morning Amelia was more than ready for a little manicure and spa treatment.  So like the good aunt that I am, I cut her nails and washed her hair.  It was the first time her hair had been washed, and we couldn't believe the poof she got.  I have a feeling she's going to have her momma's hair!

The rest of the day was spent trying to get Amelia to nurse.  That little girl is just so tiny, I don't think she ever knew she was hungry.  After a quick assessment of watching them nurse I realized that Megan and Amelia would both benefit from a nipple shield.  I hadn't heard of these when I first started nursing, but man did they make a night and day difference for them! Amelia instantly latched, sucked and hasn't stopped since last week. She up to 6lbs.1.5oz. and everyone is much happier!!!

Needless to say, once the nursing problem was solved, we were all able to relax.  I spent my days picking up the house, switching out loads of itty bitty laundry, running errands, and snuggling Amelia.  I missed my boys like crazy, but I was so happy that I made this trip.

Amelia peed on me more in those three days then Jackson ever has.  No sooner than I had her bathed and dressed for the day, she'd poop on me and we'd both have to start over.  I tell ya, I think boys are a little easier then girls in this regard.  At least boys give you a little warning that they're about to pee on you!

My sister is already an amazing mom, and her hubby, well he's pretty great too! Amelia is such a lucky little girl to have so many of us that just love her to pieces.

As for me, I'm feeling pretty blessed to be an aunt to such a sweet girl.  I can't wait to watch her grow and spoil her.  That and she may have kicked my baby fever up just a tad as well:)

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