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Why I hate my neighbors

>> Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hate is a strong word, and I rarely use it. But, truth be told - I hate, loathe, even despise our neighbors. I have practically since day one. They have ruined our love for our first place, the first house we called home. The home Mr. and I bought the morning after we got engaged and spent the night in after we said I do. The home we started our family in and and where we brought our son home to.

There are numerous reasons behind this hate, and I will list them out for you. However, the most recent event has truly put me over the edge. Sometimes I just cannot believe the things some people do.

The countdown to the big event:
#8. Soon after we moved in we were woken up {very early} to the sounds of Cock a doddle doo. Confused, as we don't live in the country, we explored to find out where the noise was coming from.

Come to find out, our neighbors were raising roosters in their backyard. Their backyard that might as well be our bedroom. Oh and these weren't just any roosters, they were tie dyed roosters. Actually dyed feathers to coincide with the holiday decor. For example, they were green for St. Patrick's Day. Pink, purple, blue and yellow for Easter.

Mr. joined the board of the neighborhood association and the roosters were gone by the next holiday.

#7. In retaliation for the roosters, the neighbors got kittens. Kittens that seemed to be trained to use my newly landscaped flowered beds as their litter box. Cats that clawed the screens on my windows. Cats that got into cat fights in our backyard, in the middle of the night. Cats that made litters and litters kittens...

Mr. enforced the neighborhood {and parish} leash law, so the cats and kittens went away.

#6. To get us back for the leash law issue our neighbor, now referred to as Cat Lady, invited all of her kids and their friends from college to move in with her. I kid you not, at least 10 people lived in the small 3 bedroom house. Her front yard was a parking lot, full of big ol' trucks and hot rods. Did I mention that they ran a little car repair business out of their garage?!?

Mr. had to bring out the neighborhood restrictions once more and enforce no community living or businesses run out of a home statues. Problem solved for awhile...

#5. About the time I got pregnant with Jackson all of Cat Lady's kids are back. Mr. has lost some his energy to fight them. The kids take over the house, and Cat Lady moves in with her boyfriend.

The lovely little house turns into Animal House, even more so then before. They are still up "partying" in the backyard {that is basically in my bedroom} when I leave for work about 3 days a week. I get sound proof headphones. I try self talks. I count to ten. But, my blood boils and it becomes unhealthy for my unborn child.

I'm not one for confrontation. So, I call the cops. Every.single.night. and file complaints about the noise. I even call and say I smell pot. This may or may not have been a lie, but did I mention that I was huge, pregnant, and so tired.

Animal house quickly learned the noise restrictions and figures out just how loud they can be to drive me nuts, without getting a ticket from the cops. Great. So, I waddle my pregnant self over there and beg for peace and quiet. This is like dealing with a newborn to sleep, it doesn't happen.

Skip forward a couple of months. Jackson is born. He's fussy one night. We go pace the backyard while he screams. This breaks up the party, and all is quiet.

#4. Cat Lady eventually breaks up with her boyfriend and moves back home. Some of the kids move out, but the front yard remains a parking lot. I'm annoyed, as is the entire neighborhood. Home values are diminishing because of their house. We petition and pass a new rule for the association to fine any home with cars parked in the yard.

#3. Jackson turns one and gets a play yard for his birthday from all four sets of grandparents. Pop, Mr. and my brothers spend two full days putting the swing set together. It's big, and super cool. However, it's so big that it will be a little while before Jackson can really use it.

During the next homeowners association meeting, Cat Lady shows up - for the first time in 3 years. She is pissed and demands that we take down the swing set. In front of the entire neighborhood she says, "Their kid and all of his friends are so loud and disturb us when we're in the nude."

First, Jackson is one. He doesn't have friends over. And why are you in the nude in your backyard anyway?!?

After the neighborhood gets a few laughs, she puts her house up for sale. Hallelujah!!! Of course, it's way over prices and will never sell.

#2. Upset that we won't take down the swing set, she positioned a spotlight to shine directly into our bedroom window and leave it on 24/7. I wanted to shoot it with a pellete gun, but then they would know it was bothering us. After a couple of weeks she either tired of the game or the light bulb burned out. My guess is the later.

#1. Lastly, the reason that totally put me over the edge and solidified my hate for Cat Lady happened Monday night.

I was in the backyard playing with Jackson, which hasn't happened lately because of the heat. We were laughing and having a ball. I was chasing Jackson. He was mowing the lawn. And then we went to swing. I had Jackson on my lap and he was cracking up.

All of a sudden, we were wet. It took me a minute to figure out where the water even came from... Cat Lady. That woman soaked us with her sprinkler. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and yelled over the fence that we were outside. Excuse me, your soaking us over here. Can you please move your sprinkler away from our swings?

I could see her through the fence as she turned the water pressure up even harder. I covered Jackson's ears and called her a few choice words. She made sure we were good and wet and went back inside. She left the sprinklers on for the rest of the evening, making it impossible for Jackson to swing.

You know that Momma Bear we all have inside of us?!? Let's just say, it's game on. Nobody messes with my baby and his fun!



Weekend Recap

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Since I've posted about our Friday Date Night and Jackson's first hair cut Saturday, I figured I'd fill you in on some other happening around the Wilson household this weekend:)

Saturday was the first Saturday in nine weeks that we didn't have swim lessons. We were a little out of sorts without it. Normally we all sleep late and are running around like crazy trying to get out the door by 10:30 to make it 11:00 lessons. Saturday proved to be no different, only we were trying to make it to the Barber shop by 11:30!

Sleepy boy!
Saturday afternoon we had some pool time with a friend of mine and her little boy at my mom's house. Jackson loves his ball and his truck!

While we were swimming Mr. decided to whip up some spare ribs and homemade pasta. If you read yesterday's post, this is half the reason I don't cook. Mr. is an amazing cook and puts my casseroles to shame! So we invited some friends over to indulge in some yummy pasta and watched the Saints game.
We dog sat for my parents all weekend, so Jackson had a lot of fun with Aubie. I'm not a fan of a dog in my house {I'm way to OCD for all the hair} but Jackson loved it.
Jackson gave Aubie some sweet sugars
Sunday was another fun filled day. Jackson woke up to nurse around 8, and stayed in our bed and snuggled. I was in heaven! At 11, I finally had to wake him up so we could start our day.
Jackson was trying to rope Aubie into Peek-A-Boo with him:)
Since Jackson slept so late, there was no napping. Instead we headed over to Mr.'s dad house for some fun in the sun with the Wilson cousins. We spent a good part of the day in the pool playing with all the kids. Jackson and I were soaking up our day with our Mr. He normally works during the day when we go and swim, so this was a nice treat for us!
Finally some swimming pictures with Daddy & Jackson:)

There's nothing like family:)



Family Date Night

>> Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's no secret that I don't cook much, or at all. I occasionally bake something. And I can follow a recipe, but I'm no Betty Crocker. Sometimes I feel guilty that Mr. never comes home to find me in an apron, cooking him dinner. But that guilt often gets buried under everything else, including "mom guilt".

In my defense, I only have the hours of 6-7:30pm to be Momma. And during that time Jackson nurses twice, has a bath and gets put down for bed. I couldn't imagine trying to cook dinner during that time too!

Don't get me wrong, we eat, it's just sandwiches or leftovers after Jackson goes to bed. Our nanny feeds Jackson his dinner before we get home from work. I'm sure this will change as he gets older, but it's what works for now.

Since we eat so well during the week, insert sarcasm, we like to go out to dinner on the weekends. Fridays nights are always "Wilson Family Date Night". We look forward to it all week, it's one of our family traditions:)

We like to go to nice places, but I'm always mindful of everyone else and their dining experience. I never want Jackson to disrupt others and ruin their dinner. So, Friday night Mr. had to twist my arm a little. He really wanted to try out a new hibachi restaurant that he read about. To be honest, group dining with a toddler just made me nervous!

After some convincing, I let my guard down and decided what the heck?!? When the hostess sat us you could tell people were not happy to have us join them. I hate those looks. You know, the disapproving, why would you bring your kid here to ruin my night, kind of looks. But, we sat anyway. I ordered a glass of wine and blocked them out.

The waitress must have picked up on my apprehension. She brought out a fruit tray for Jackson to snack on {she must have known this would get her a nice tip at the end of the night}. So, it didn't take long for Jackson put the charm on.

The chefs kept Jackson very entertained. The fire and juggling of knifes had him completely mesmerized. And I couldn't have been more relieved.

There's something amazing about watching children experience things for the first time. I love watching Jackson explore the world around him:)

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good thing:)


Jackson's new do

>> Monday, August 23, 2010

Since day one we've all been shocked by how blond Jackson's hair is. During my pregnancy I always imagined Jackson to have dark hair, blue eyes and an olive complexion. Mr. has some pretty strong family traits, so we didn't think that my recessive genes stood a chance. To our surprise, I delivered a blond, blue-eyed, fair skin boy. Jackson even had the same widow's peak hair line that I had as a baby.

Jackson really didn't start growing a head full of hair until about 10 months. And then it started to grow pretty quickly. I trimmed his bangs a few times with my kitchen scissors, sorry Jack! The week of his birthday party I took him to my hairdresser to have a "professional" trim. But, I was so nervous I really didn't let April cut too much. She just trimmed enough to keep his bangs out of his face.

Well, that was back in May and he hasn't had his hair cut since. This was mainly due to the fact that I love his hair long. It started to curl a little in the back. It's so fine and so bleach blond. Can you tell that I just love his locks:)

Anyway, Mr. started to think Jackson was looking like a girl. He wanted to have his hair cut and I couldn't argue too much.

Saturday morning I hesitantly called a barber shop that came highly recommended. They said their wait wasn't bad, so we loaded Jackson in the car and headed that way {of course, after I took some pictures of his curls}.

The guys at the shop were awesome and calmed my nerves. Marco was so good with Jackson and got him to sit perfectly still. I was amazed! We will definitely be going back there for all of Jackson's big boy cuts in the future.

Some say that a smile is worth a thousand words. If so, then I think that Jackson loves his new do!


Jackson, in print

>> Friday, August 20, 2010

As promised, here's Jackson's first print ad layout.
Coming to a paper not so near you soon!
And here's the cover of the brochure that will
be used to market the pediatrician.
My cute lil frog:)
Happy weekend peeps. I don't know about y'all, but Friday hasn't been this welcomed in a long time! ribit, ribit:)


Working Mom Wednesday: Ribit Ribit

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working for an advertising agency often means that your friends and family get roped into being models - especially when you're working with a limited budget. I'm not going to lie, I've been waiting for Jackson's first opportunity for about 14 months now:)

When we picked up a pediatrician as a new client, I not so secretly hoped that this would be Jackson's big chance. And as luck would have it, one of our art directors came up with the most precious campaign that needed a baby had Jackson's name all over it. The concept is seriously awesome {and I'm not just saying this because it involves my kid}.

Let's just say this doctor happens to be from Rayne, Louisiana, which also happens to be known for a little frog festival. My client loved the concept and thought Jackson's picture was pretty cute. So, yesterday morning Jackson came to work with me and totally worked the camera:)

I promise the frog costume will make much more sense when you see the finished products.

So, Jackson had to put in some overtime this weekend. I had a little dress rehearsal for him to practice being a cute little frog. Ribit, Ribit:)

I got a little nervous when the shoot started. It's a lot of pressure to make your 14-month-old "perform". It's one thing when you're the one behind the camera, but this was a professional shoot! Things started out a little crazy...
and Jackson got a little tired at one point. I had to bribe him with food. Big surprise, I know!

But, I think all the practice and pretzels paid off. Is this one cute frog or what?!?
And after a day like I had today, seeing this sweet face {Jackson's} in the art department made my evening!
Can't wait to show you his first ad...coming soon!


Swim Lessons - Day 8

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We had our last swimming lesson on Saturday and I'm happy to say that Jackson really learned a lot in 8 weeks. I think it was money well spent!

Jackson always been comfortable in the water {probably because he was practically born in it}. He has never cried when we put him under the water, even in his bath.

Now Jackson puts his own face in the water and blows bubbles. He loves to "listen to the fish" and keeps his eyes wide open. He has even started to kick his legs to try and get where he wants to be. In no way shape or form do I think he can "swim", but it's a start!

I'll continue working with Jackson in the pool on my own until it gets too cold. However, I'm not thinking that will happen anytime soon! We'll start back up with lessons after the new year. I can't wait to take Jackson to "listen to the fishies" next summer for real:)


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