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"He acts like a 3 month old"

>> Friday, July 17, 2009

Last night I noticed that Jackson's bellybutton was looking like an outie and was purple at the bottom. I called the pediatrician because Jackson's bellybutton felt like a marble today. He had us come into the office and said that Jackson has a hernia. We're just going to watch it and make sure that he doesn't get any hernias in his groin area. Dr. N said that it is common for babies to get hernias from crying... and when Jackson is hungry, he really cries!

While we were at the doctor they weighed and measured Jackson. He weighs 10 pounds and is 22 inches long now! My baby boy is growing like a weed. Jackson was fussy and pushed up to stand on the table during his exam. He also pushed up on his tummy when Dr. N was listening to his heart and lungs. Dr. N told us that he acts more like he's a 3 month old! He couldn't believe his strength. Jackson rolled over this week while we were at my mom's. He went from his back to tummy and then back over to his back. Jackson also gave me a little smile today, and I am pretty sure was real and not just gas:)

The other exciting news I have to share is that Jackson pooped in the bath tonight for the first time tonight. I was giving him his bath, washing his hair and he let out what I thought was a big fart...and a second later I was like oh shit, literally!

We're having a great time with Aunt Megan and Grandma this week. I'll post pictures from our week soon!



>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last night we went to Artwalk downtown and then out to dinner with some friends of ours. Brian and Carrie had a little boy 12 days before we had Jackson. As Carrie and I sat at dinner and nursed our sons and the guys helps us burp and get situated with our "hooter hiders" we all laughed at how life has changed.

People are always warning you that children change your life, they change your sleep habits, social life and preach that life will never be the same. Well, they are right life will never be the same... but I wouldn't go back to life before Jackson for anything! Sometimes change is a really good thing.

Jackson fussing because he wanted sushi too

Dads and their sons


One Month

Jackson is already one month old! Time is going by so fast and I don't have enough hours in the day. I really cannot believe that a month has gone by since Jackson arrived and I cannot remember life without him. It is really amazing the instant bond and love I have with my little man. Jackson has some good nights and some bad. On a good night he goes between 3 and 3.5 hours between feedings. On a bad night, we're up a lot. When Jackson is fussy he loves to lay on my chest and have me pat his back. I love that I can calm him with my voice and touch. Jackson is still wearing mostly newborn clothes and diapers. As soon as we finish this pack of newborn diapers I am going to move him up to size 1 which makes me a little sad because Jackson is growing so fast.

Aunt Megan is coming in town tomorrow and staying through the month. We are so excited to see her and Uncle Chris is meeting us at the beach in a couple weeks. It will be the first time that Uncle Chris gets to see Jackson is person.

Here are Jackson's 4 week and 1 month photos:


3 Weeks

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I cannot believe that it has been three weeks since Jackson was born. It is hard to remember life without him, and its equally hard to believe that he isn't even supposed to be born yet! With the heat that we have been having, I don't know what I would do if I was still pregnant.

Jackson and I have been trying to stay as cool as possible, without losing our mind staying in the house all day. I was a little nervous taking him shopping, but Stephanie talked me through the placement of the car seat on a shopping cart and we are good to go! I was amazed with the special attention we got at the grocery store. Jackson loves to be pushed in his stroller, or a shopping cart and loves to ride in he car. If we're on the move he'll even go an extra hour in between feedings which is really nice because its hard to get a lot done on his three hour schedule.

Jackson eats every three hours and I am still nursing, its going really well. The nights are hard because he wakes up screaming and ready to eat about every 2.5 hours. The pediatrician said I should really wait to feed him every three hours, so getting him to that point at night is hard. This week I am trying to break him of sleeping on me, I think he cries at night because he's in his craddle and not on my chest.

We had our newborn pictures taken last Friday, check out, password is jackson. We're so happy with the pictures and really glad that we had them done. Jackson gets bigger everyday so it will be nice to have these pictures to look back on.

I'll leave you with some pictures from last week. Jackson went swimming and loved it, he is a water baby!

Jackson loves his puppy from his Aunt Megan and Uncle Chris

Loving the pool

Napping after a long day

Sleeping angel in mommy and daddy's bed

Napping in his crib for the first time today

Jackson is three weeks old!

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