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Skeet Shoot 2013

>> Thursday, April 4, 2013

We've been huge skeet shoot slackers the past couple of years.  I guess such is life with a growing family and jobs that keep us forever busy.  I've posted about the annual shoot here and here and probably a couple other times as well.

Last year we skipped out due to fertility cycles and the shoot being in Texas.  This year, Mr. went to the shoot while the kids and I hung out with my sister and family.  We went out to the shoot for a bit on Friday night since my sister wasn't getting in town until late in the night. 

Jackson was a little freaked out by the loud gun shots, and took awhile to warm up. No sooner than our good friend (who always thinks of everything for the kids) whipped out an awesome big brother present for Jackson, he was all good!

The big kids had a great time playing soccer and running around like crazy.  Mattie didn't think too much of it and was less than thrilled with her ear muffs.   Tough life for a little girl:)

Hopefully, we'll be able to make the trip back to Texas next year.  We have always loved the hill country and a little time away!

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