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Happy Birthday Mattie Jayne!

>> Saturday, December 22, 2012

We welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world on December 22, 2012, just after midnight. She has certainly made our lives feel complete and I already can't remember life without her!

Birth Stats
Mattie Jayne Wilson
December 22, 2012 
7lbs. 3oz.
20" long

Birth Story
Friday, December 21st, I went to my 9AM doctor's appointment and convinced him to strip my membranes.  I was already 6cm and still 70% effaced.  My contractions were still pretty sporadic, but effective.  Since my doctor was on call and knew how much I wanted to be home for Christmas, he swore me to secrecy and stripped away:)

I left my appointment and went to my office to make my final preparations for maternity leave and attended our afternoon Christmas party.  Unfortunately, I was not able to really enjoy or engage with my co-workers during the party because I was having strong contractions every 4 minutes.  My doctor said to come back when they were every 10 minutes for an hour...well I was in a bit of denial and stuck around long enough for Mr. to make it back in town from his morning depositions.

And then the contractions stopped...for hours.

I went home and packed our bags, just in case.  I got the rest of Jackson's stuff together and dropped everything off at my mom's house.  Then I went and got a lovely manicure and pedicure...and waited for the contractions to come back.
Last belly pic, 38 weeks!
It took a while, but good lord, when the contractions came back, they came fast and strong.

We were hanging out at my mom's and a little before 7pm I told Mr. he better eat fast, if he intended to eat dinner.  "It was go time!" I shed a few tears with mixed emotions of pain, anxiety, excitement and said good-bye to my Jackson.  I was surprised how hard that moment was, it was certainly not expected and I had to rush out the door!

No sooner then Mr. got me all checked in to hospital, my contractions stopped once again.

The nursed hooked me up to monitor me for an hour to see if I would be admitted or sent home once again, without a baby.

In the last 20 minutes of being monitored my contractions came back and were stronger than ever...the nurse checked me and said that I had dilated a full 1-1.5 cm in that was baby time!!!

Side note: The nurse wasn't "as generous" with her measurements as she said my doctor was.  According to my doctor, I was 6cm that morning.  According to the nurse, I was 5cm when we got there and 6 - 6.5cm when she checked me again.  Either way, progress was progress, and it was finally time to meet our baby girl!

It was about 9PM before I was actually admitted and in my delivery room.  My doctor came to check on me and suggested I got my epidural before he broke my water because he was sure things would go fast.  When he told me I'd have a baby by midnight, I was in a bit of shock.
I got my IVs and signed all of the consent forms and waited for my epidural.  I have to say, my epidural was a totally different experience then I had with Jackson.  Mr. was not allowed to be in the room and it was much more uncomfortable then I remembered.  However, with Jackson I was in pain and begging for it...this time I was just in moderate pain and not really needing it at all.  My left side went completely tingly and numb, and my right side had a hot spot and was not near as numb.  I'd venture to say, I felt a good bit of actual labor on my right side. 

My mom got to my room just after I got my epidural and stayed for the delivery, which worked out perfect.  Jackson stayed with Pop, since it was so late at night.

My doctor came back and broke my water, which had a little bit of meconium in it.  At this point it was about 11PM and I was 7cm.  The nurse started Pitocin to regulate my contractions and things really sped up.  Between the epidural and the pain, I was shaking pretty bad.  The nurse came in and decided to check me and we were all surprised to find that I was complete and the baby's head was right practice pushing, no pushing at all really!
We waited a few minutes for my doctor to arrive, I would have made his midnight prediction if he would have been quicker:) He got to my room and within minutes, Mattie was in my arms and my initial reaction was that she looked like a dark haired Jackson! Now I think she favors her daddy, especially with her skin and hair.
Everything was so fast that my nurse forgot to page NICU, but they quickly arrived to suck out Mattie's lungs because of the meconium.  All was good though and she checked out perfectly.  My nurse had to run off to another delivery, so I was able to hold Mattie a little longer than normal and nurse her before she headed to the nursery with daddy for her bath and what not.

I didn't need an episotomy this time around, but I did require a stitch or two from tearing.  My doctor also cut out a cyst that had built up from scare tissue from Jackson's delivery, which caused some discomfort during my recovery.

My mom and nurse got me cleaned up and moved into my postpartum room, which was a bit of a hot mess.  My left leg was completely useless and my mom may or may not have forgotten and dropped it a time or two.  Such a weird, out of body, experience.

About the time that I got settled into my new room, my sister arrived from St. Louis.  It was pretty late into the night, or early in the morning, but meeting Mattie Jayne was a must do! Before we knew, it was almost sunrise and time for bed.  We sent Mattie to the nursery between feedings, and tried to catch as much sleep as possible before the visitors started rolling in. 
The best visitor was our Super Big Brother, what a special day it was!



Baby 2.0: 38 weeks

>> Thursday, December 20, 2012

This little girl of ours must be enjoying the mind game that she's playing with us.  Here I am, 38 weeks pregnant after my doctor said there's no way I'd make it through the weekend...two weeks ago!

I'm 5cm dilated and 70% effaced, but still not having regular contractions.  At this rate, she may be falling out of me before I get admitted to the hospital.  We've tried every trick in the book to induce labor on our own (minus castor oil or anything too crazy).  But, honestly, I've reached the point that I may just be pregnant forever or she'll come when she's good and ready.

The OCD planner in me would love to have her now so that we'd be home for Christmas.  Sipping hot chocolate and coffee on Christmas morning soaking up our new life as a family of four.  And just to show me who's really boss, I'm sure I'll go into labor on Christmas Eve and miss Christmas at home.  Either way, as long as my family is healthy and together - it really doesn't matter.  Especially in light of the recent tragedy, I am just thankful I have my babies this Christmas.

Jackson came down with a terrible infection and has been sick since Saturday night.  Monday was by far the worst day with a fever peaking at 104.9 degrees.  It was incredibly scary and landed us in the doctor's office/hospital for most of the day.  Thankfully, I had stockpiled my sick time for maternity leave (which I obviously don't need now) so I spent the week home nursing him back to health.  I'm back to work today, but Pop is keeping Jackson at home because he's still coughing.  Besides, I'd hate for any of his classmates to catch this before the holidays!

Maybe now that big brother is on the mend, baby sister will come out to play on her own.  Otherwise, we are one week away from induction.  One week or less, I can do this:)

Size of Baby: pumpkin, measured 34 at appointments this week

Total Weight Gain: total since getting pregnant: +24.5

Continuing Symptoms: heartburn, always thirsty, leaking breasts, swelling in the afternoon and evening...

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all maternity, minus my pajama pants and t-shirts

Sleep: sleep was getting a little better until Jackson got sick.  Mattie Jayne has dropped and relieved the pressure off of my ribs, so I no longer need the maternity pillow.  Jackson calls is my worm pillow:)

What I'm Eating: pretty normal diet, just watching the sodium as much as possible. adding a good bit of fatty foods to plump up baby girl

Cravings: Slow churned chocolate ice cream and hot fudge...must have every night!

Movement: she's a busy girl in there, but it's slowing down a bit as the end is getting closer

Labor Signs: 5cm and 70% effaced.  Just waiting on the contractions to become regular, which never happened with Jackson.  I walked into the hospital at 7cm with him...and no contractions

Special Pregnancy Moments: knowing that we only have one week left!



Family Weekend & Date Night

>> Monday, December 10, 2012

With the impending arrival of our baby girl we wanted to be sure and have a fun family weekend and a date night with Jackson.  He is so excited for his baby sister, but we want to make sure he feels extra special too:)

Jackson went to school on Friday and I pretty much slept the entire day, since I didn't get much sleep at the hospital.  Friday afternoon was my office's baby shower for Mattie Jayne, so we got dressed for the day and headed to my office for the shower. 

After the shower, my parents brought Jackson to meet us and we went to see the lighting of the Christmas lights and Santa! And oh my goodness, my sweet boy only thought that he liked Halloween decorations.  He is in love with all of the Christmas lights and Santa music...he really is my child:)

Jackson sat on Santa's lap and asked for a T-Rex, just like his friend Pierce has and smiled the most precious smile ever.  After all of that excitement, it was time for this momma to head back to bed.  Walking around with head in between your legs and almost 4cm dilated isn't exactly a walk in the park:)

Saturday morning we had a slight panic attack when Mr. and I discovered that the only toy Jackson asked Santa for was discontinued! A small fortune later, thank you amazon, the T-Rex was found and should be delivered to our door tomorrow.  The things we do for our kids, right?!?

After a lazy day on the couch, we were all stir crazy and needed a night out with just the three of us.  So we loaded in the car and my contractions started up again, and were coming fast and strong.  We decided to stay close to home and ate a quick dinner out before going to the Zoo to see their Christmas lights.
Dinner was pretty hard for me, but I soaked up the time with my boys in between contractions.  We debated between going back to the hospital or running out to the Zoo, and the Zoo won.  I just couldn't let Jackson down...and no sooner than we got there, the contractions stopped again.

We walked around seeing what animals we could, but Jackson was most impressed by the lights.  Then we took a fun train ride around the Zoo before heading home to eat the rest of the baby shower cake.  It was a perfect night.
After Jackson went to bed, Mr. and I stayed up and watched the 5 Year Engagement and realized that it was the anniversary of our engagement!  



Baby 2.0: 36 Weeks

>> Saturday, December 8, 2012

To say that this week in Mattie Jayne's pregnancy has been an eventful one would be a bit of an understatement. It seems as though my body just knows that between 35 and 36 weeks, it's time to prep for eviction!

It all started last weekend.  The contractions.  The take your breath away this is it contractions.  Contraction timer apps were purchased and I was a bit surprised to see just how regular they were.  Every 2-3 minutes for about 2 hours and then nothing for days or hours.

By Monday I wasn't feeling right.  It may have been the lack of sleep and anxiety from the weekend, but I called my doctor and went in for a quick appointment and cervix check.  I was dilated to 1cm and my cervix was still towards the back (I can't remember if that posterior or anterior, sorry).  Anyway, he sent me on my way and told me it would be a few more weeks.

Monday night I had the most intense and regular contracts ever.  I was sure I was losing my mind, especially since an hour before my doctor told me we had weeks to go.  They lasted for 2.5 hours and just as I started to call my mom and say "it's time", they stopped.

My regular appointment was Thursday afternoon and I was holding back the tears when my doctor asked how I was feeling.  I hadn't slept in nights.  My rib/right upper uterus pain is getting the best of me and the contractions are messing with my head.  Well, wouldn't you know when he checked me I was dilated to 3cm with a lot of cervical change.

Off to a non-stress test I went to check on Miss Mattie and I started contracting every 2 minutes for the entire test.  My doctor thought I was for sure going into labor and sent me to the hospital across the street...where I spent the next 18 hours.

To sum things up, I am so close to being 4cm dilated, but not quite there.  Apparently that is the magic dilation number to get admitted to have a baby.  And, I'm just 36 weeks, so there is nothing they can do to speed things up.  No breaking my water bag, which is bulging.  No pitocin.  No stripping membranes. Nothing.

Keep in mind, with Jackson I was in labor for 3 weeks and dilated about a cm a week.  So, this could go on a while...or not.

I lost my mucous plug sometime Thursday night/Friday was a long night in the hospital with very little sleep in a very uncomfortable birthing bed.

My doctor doesn't think I'm make it through the weekend, but my contractions haven't picked back up so I'm not so sure.  I guess it's only Saturday morning.  He did warn me not to take my time getting back to the hospital because once things do start up, it will be fast.

Every day that Mattie cooks is better, so I'm not overly anxious for her to come out.  Speaking from a momma who finally slept 12 hours last night.  I don't have the "I'm so done" attitude this morning:)

Estimated weight guess from my ultrasound has Mattie Jayne weighing 5lbs.8oz., so I've been pigging out a bit to fatten her up!

Size of Baby: honeydew, measured 33 and 32 this week at appointments

Total Weight Gain: total since getting pregnant: +25 - +26lbs. depending on the day

Continuing Symptoms: heartburn, always thirsty, milk is in, swelling in the afternoon and evening...

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all maternity, minus my pajama pants and t-shirts

Sleep: sleep is getting hard and uncomfortable, especially due to my hot spot/bruised ribs.  my sister sent me down her maternity pillow which is helping some.

What I'm Eating: pretty normal diet, just watching the sodium as much as possible. adding a good bit of fatty foods to plump up baby girl

Cravings: Slow churned chocolate ice cream and hot fudge...must have every night!

Movement: she's a busy girl in there, but it's slowing down a bit as the end is getting closer

Labor Signs: see above:)

Special Pregnancy Moments: packing our bags and knowing that our baby girl will be here sooner than later!



A day with my boys

>> Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Much to my Mr.'s dismay, this football season was certainly different than years past.  Sunrise at Death Valley and tailgating into the night just don't work when you're 7-9 months pregnant.  Not to mention Louisiana heat and being crammed into bleacher seats for 4 hour games.

Mr. made it to just about all of the home games and even traveled to Texas A&M.  However, I only made it to 3 home games and we took Jackson to two of those.

I'm so glad that we decided to make a family day for the last home game.  Knowing that it was our last LSU game as a family of three, we tried to make it special for Jackson.  The only thing missing from our day was seeing the real Mike the Tiger up close and personal, but the mascot was just as entertaining.
LSU played Ole Miss and it ended up being a slightly closer game than we thought it would be.  Mr. was pretty confident that we'd be able to leave at halftime, but it was a good game right until the end! Jackson was out of suckers and totally done with being confined to our seats by the third quarter.  Truth be told, this momma was about done as well.  Such is life with a toddler and a pregnant wife, so we packed up and headed to Tsunami downtown to watch the rest of the game.
Jackson absolutely loves eating with chopsticks and sushi fried fish, my 3.5 year old has expensive tastes:)  We ordered up a table full of rolls and cheered our Tigers on to victory overlooking downtown Baton Rouge.  Of course, no meal at Tsunami is complete without their chocolate dessert box, which Jackson and I devoured before Mr. had a chance:)

A fun day was certainly had with my boys.  I soaked up every single moment with my family of three and am cherishing my limited time as their one and only princess.  Mattie Jayne and I are going to be some kinda lucky to have these guys in our lives:)

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