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4th of July: St. Louis Vacation

>> Monday, July 16, 2012

We spent the 4th of July in St. Louis this year, as it has proven to be one of our favorite times of the year to visit. Thankfully, Mr. shares in our love for all things St. Louis around the 4th and I just love being a tourist in my hometown!

Jackson is a huge fan of the new car and DVD system:)
Since the holiday fell in the middle of the week, we took off after work on Tuesday.  The new car made the 750 mile drive so much easier than trips in the past.  Between the extra space and built in entertainment system (for Jackson, of course) it was a smooth drive! We made it about 3/4 of the way Tuesday night and spent the night just South of the Missouri state line.  I found a brand new Holiday Inn for us to stay and we all woke up feeling refreshed and ready to celebrate on the 4th!
We made it to my sister's house just in time to pack coolers and re-load the cars to head to downtown St. Louis for the airshow and fireworks.  My dad and his girlfriend met up with us downtown and we all spent a HOT afternoon together.  The heat was so intense that my mom and step-dad got us a hotel room to lounge in between the airshow, dinner, and fireworks.  To say it was a lifesaver would be a complete understatement.  The high reached 110 degrees that day and we all needed a place to escape the heat.
Jackson and Amelia equally enjoyed the airshow and the firework display later in the evening and were just as happy as can be!
Thursday was certainly a day of recouping for all of us as the heat exhaustion started to set in.  We tried to stay cool inside my sister's house for the majority of the day.  I worked in Amelia and Ellie's closets organizing pretty girl clothes.  And my mom and sister made shopping lists of things we needed to complete Amelia's big girl room and preparing the nursery for Miss Ellie's arrival.

That evening the guys took Jackson to his first Cardinal's baseball game! Jackson was in heaven with his daddy, Uncle Shorty, Pop and Papa.  And just minutes after Mr. bought Jackson a Cardinal's baseball my brother-in-law caught a real game ball for him! Talk about a fun night at the ballpark:)
Friday was another fun filled day playing tourists, complete with trips to both Grant's Farm and the 112 degree heat.  Thank goodness, Megan stayed home to keep cool, 'cause this barely pregnant momma was about ready to die from the heat and pure exhaustion.  But, seeing Jackson called down to feed "Bud" the elephant during the Elephant show at Grant's Farm was well worth the heat.  My mom is pretty well known for her ability to arrange such special treatment, and the elephant show was no exception!
Loli & Jackson feeding the goats
Jackson and the Shetland pony at Grant's Farm
Amelia & Jackson with the camel
Amelia, Loli, Pop, & Jackson with Mr. Camel...seconds before he spit in Loli's beer!
Jackson feeding 'Bud' the elephant a cantaloupe:)
my big boy with his "dirty" hand from the elephant
Later that night at the Zoo, Jackson trying to talk to "happy feet"
Our last day in St. Louis was just as enjoyable as the first.  The guys took both Jackson and Amelia back to the Zoo since we missed seeing most of the animals the night before due to the time.  They ended up seeing nearly every animal and spending most of their day there (in the heat again)! Then on the way home they stopped at a bike shop to get Jackson a big boy bike.  The rest of their afternoon was spent teaching Jackson how to ride and then swimming - big surprise!

As for us girls, we had a delightful afternoon lunch and spent the day shopping.  No kids, no worries, just my mom and my sister.  Besides the heat, nothing could have been better! We completed both Amelia and Ellie's rooms and even managed to get some ideas for baby Wilson 2.0's nursery and checked out double strollers. 

 We finished off the vacation with another amazing dinner before heading back to my sister's to sadly pack for our trip home.  Crazy to think that our next trip to St. Louis will be to meet baby Ellie!

The drive home was as easy as can be.  We stopped twice and rented Jackson movies from Red box and made it home before dark! Now, I'm just hoping this drive stays as nice and comfortable when we have two kids in the backseat:)

*Jackson's shirts made courtesy of L.M.N.O.P. Embroidery & Gifts
**Jackson's bracelet is an emergency contact/ID bracelet
***Jackson's necklace is his dogtag/ID from Disney with our contact information
Yes, I'm super paranoid about Jackson getting lost in big crowds!



Lant Family July 16, 2012 at 8:56 PM  

I can't believe all you did outside. It was way to hot for me!!! Sounds like you had a great trip!!

Jennifer July 18, 2012 at 10:58 AM  

Wow...sounds like the trip was great despite the heat!! So glad you are loving the new car....we love taking trips in ours too! Amelia and Jackson are too cute together. She is getting so big. And both rooms look great!!!

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