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Mattie's Surprise Sprinkle

>> Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I now know that "pregnancy brain" really exists, either that or I've become completely oblivious to the world around me...

Last month, my mom and sweet friends planned a surprise "sprinkle" for me and it totally took me by surprise!  In hindsight, I should have put everything together about a month before the sprinkle and busted everyone:)

The weekend that my brother's football team played our home town football team, my parents planned a huge tailgate inviting friends and family from afar to watch Cameron play.  This included my sister coming down for the weekend with the new baby...perfect timing for my mom to host a Sip & See to meet Baby Ellie...or so that was the story I was told...

Stephanie and her girls planned to come in town, which didn't set off any red flags because she is like our sister and of course she would come to meet Ellie the first chance she had.

My dad also planned on coming down for the weekend...which just shows how awesome all of my parents get along and enjoy seeing all the kids together.  My dad is like a second dad to Steph and wanted to see her girls just as much as he wanted to see Cameron play football and all of us kids/grand kids together...or so I thought!

The weekend of the game and Sip & See came and it was a house full of fun.  The Saturday morning of the said "Sip & See" came around and the guys all left to start cooking at the tailgate.  Mr. mentioned nothing of the surprise and I've found keeps a secret a little too well! 

Stephanie and I got ourselves dressed and ready for what I believed to be Ellie's party.  I was running late, as usual, but hey - it wasn't my party!  Stephanie got Jackson dressed and loaded the kids up in the car, as usual (she always has everything much more together than I do), so this didn't tip me off at all.  

We pulled up to my mom's house about 20 minutes late and unloaded our brood of kiddos.  I walked in the door, presents for Ellie in hand, and slowly began to put all the pieces together. A couple faces made sense, and some just seemed totally out of place for what I believed to be my sister/nieces' party.  However, I tried to not let my facial expressions make my friends feel out of place...STILL not getting that the party was for me! Oh no, it wasn't until my mom showed me the invitation (that I have inquired about a dozen times because I didn't get one) that I finally put everything together.

My dad, my family, Stephanie, my friends...they were all there for me and Mattie Jayne!

I wish I had pictures from the sprinkle because it was absolutely lovely and so incredibly heart felt.  I guess my lack of picture taking was a true testament of just how special I felt.  I never wanted to leave the party to grab my camera or be behind the lens.
It may have just been a sprinkling of pink for Mattie, but it was a shower of love for me:)



Meet the Brummett's November 13, 2012 at 9:10 PM  

Ha! This made me smile/laugh all over again! Such a fun weekend and I still can not believe that we were all able to surprise you! Sooooo, can not wait until we see y'all again when Miss Mattie arrives! Loves

Jennifer December 2, 2012 at 10:02 PM  

So glad you were surprised for your 'sprinkle'!! I am sure that it was great to celebrate with your family and friends, especially seeing that it was such a long road!! Hope all is well :-)

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