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Our "Rawring" Halloween

>> Thursday, November 1, 2012

When my parents took Jackson up to St. Louis in August, my mom found Jackson the cutest dinosaur costume for Halloween. Truth be told, I wasn't sure if it would actually make it until Halloween because Jackson was obsessed and wanted to wear it all the time. I couldn't really blame him though, it was one cool costume and he looked so cute shaking his tail in it:)
 Spinosaurous Jack was no dino to mess with! 
Our neighborhood hosted a Trick-Or-Treat Fall Festival the Saturday before Halloween, which meant double the fun for Jackson. He got to "rawr" his way through our neighborhood on Saturday and then again with my parents on actual Halloween night.
Jackson's spider ride at my parent's for Halloween night
This year was by far the most fun Halloween and month with Jackson. He absolutely LOVES to look at the pretty decorations and "smooky" ones too. The bigger and nastier the spider, the more he wants to bring it home to sleep with...strange kid! 
The weather was remarkable during the weeks leading up to Halloween, so many nights were spent walking through neighborhoods checking out all the decor...which may or may not have inspired my Mr. to test out his decorating skills. He totally took it upon himself to hang a super "smooky" spider web outside our front door. 

He sure knows the way to his son's heart, and how to make me smile. I'll never forget the year of the spider obsession and Jackson's sweet voice and dialogue as we trick-or-treated. He has such a strong personality with a tender heart that always wants to take care of others too. I can't argue the fact that he is the perfect combo of his momma and daddy...and that heart certainly comes from his daddy. Photobucket


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