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Baby Girl: 17 weeks

>> Friday, July 27, 2012

Size of Baby: onion

Total Weight Gain: +2.5 (officially weighing more than I put on with the fertility drugs. 139)

Continuing Symptoms: nothing to really note. slight nose congestion.

New Symptoms This Week: that ridiculous back pain that put me in the hospital at 11 weeks with Jackson is occurring again. However, I'm able to manage the pain and know how to relieve it - for the most part. Staying off of my feet helps best!

Maternity Clothes: thank goodness for my momma, she got me some cute dresses to get me through this in between phase. My clothes are tight and my pants don't come close to fitting, but most of my maternity clothes are huge. Keep in mind that I'm still 7lbs. less than my starting weight with Jackson.

Sleep: sleep is good, but the dreams are crazy

What I'm Eating: pretty normal diet, just watching the sodium as much as possible.

Cravings: carbs and champagne!

Movement: I'm feeling more and more, just waiting for her long legs to start kicking. However, my ultrasound showed that my placenta is very thick in front of her so I probably won't feel much for a while more.

Labor Signs: BH contractions have slowed way down. Just keeping hydrated and resting as much as possible.

Special Pregnancy Moments: working on Mattie Jayne's nursery design and getting her bedding in. If you haven't checked out my pin board for her nursery, well you're missing out:) Oh and finalizing that her name will be Mattie Jayne.  I was leaning towards changing it to Sophie, but Mr. is sticking with Mattie!



Baby 2.0: It's a GIRL!!!

>> Saturday, July 21, 2012

Words cannot even begin to describe the emotions that we went through yesterday as we found of the gender of our sweet baby 2.0.

Up until about a week ago, I was borderline thinking boy/girl...and leaning more towards a little boy. In fact, when my sister was last in town I even had my mom buy "Baby Ben's" coming home outfit.

Fast forward to this week and I started to get that gut feeling that 2.0 was actually a girl! I think it was a combination of Jackson becoming so insistent that he was having a baby sister and really noticing how different my body looks with this pregnancy.  With Jackson, I grew much wider before outward.

When we got to the ultrasound Jackson immediately started telling everyone we were here to see his baby sister.  He even pointed to the baby girl pictures on the wall and called them baby sister.  Before we walked into the actual room, he touched my tummy and said come on baby sister.  Talk about melt my heart.  I looked at Mr. and told him that we were in serious trouble if this wasn't a baby sister!

We quickly got set up in the room and it wasn't long before we were told the gender of our baby.  Mr. shouted out that he saw a penis and I kind of thought I did too, but it looked so different then what I remembered Jackson's ultrasound to look...and that is when Mr. was corrected that what he was looking at was not a penis, but his daughter!

Mr. turned a white as a ghost and stayed that way through the evening.  I shed a tear of joy as I realized how much I wanted a daughter.  Jackson looked at us both like we were crazy because he knew all along!

Everything looked great on the ultrasound, she is a healthy baby girl weighing 5oz.  She measured one day ahead, and has extremely long legs! 

The night before I had a dream about Jackson holding a bunch of pink balloons, so I felt the urge to make my dream come true:)

We can't wait to meet our daughter, Matilda Jayne "Mattie Jayne" Wilson.  She will be named after my great-grandma and mom.



Little Fisherman

>> Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jackson has proven to be quite the little fisherman! Mr. and Jackson have been practicing his cast for a couple months now, and Jackson has finally picked up on the fundamental skill to fish.

I'm pretty sure Saturday was one of the happiest days in Mr.'s life...and not because it was our five year wedding anniversary, but because Jackson was ready for a hook!  I think this video says it all:)
Unfortuately, Jackson did not catch his fish on Saturday as we all had hoped.  So after bunch on Sunday, we packed up Jackson's pole and headed to a different pond which is stocked a little bit better then the one in our backyard.

Within minutes, Jackson caught his first fish...and then two more! It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for catching his first fish:)



4th of July: St. Louis Vacation

>> Monday, July 16, 2012

We spent the 4th of July in St. Louis this year, as it has proven to be one of our favorite times of the year to visit. Thankfully, Mr. shares in our love for all things St. Louis around the 4th and I just love being a tourist in my hometown!

Jackson is a huge fan of the new car and DVD system:)
Since the holiday fell in the middle of the week, we took off after work on Tuesday.  The new car made the 750 mile drive so much easier than trips in the past.  Between the extra space and built in entertainment system (for Jackson, of course) it was a smooth drive! We made it about 3/4 of the way Tuesday night and spent the night just South of the Missouri state line.  I found a brand new Holiday Inn for us to stay and we all woke up feeling refreshed and ready to celebrate on the 4th!
We made it to my sister's house just in time to pack coolers and re-load the cars to head to downtown St. Louis for the airshow and fireworks.  My dad and his girlfriend met up with us downtown and we all spent a HOT afternoon together.  The heat was so intense that my mom and step-dad got us a hotel room to lounge in between the airshow, dinner, and fireworks.  To say it was a lifesaver would be a complete understatement.  The high reached 110 degrees that day and we all needed a place to escape the heat.
Jackson and Amelia equally enjoyed the airshow and the firework display later in the evening and were just as happy as can be!
Thursday was certainly a day of recouping for all of us as the heat exhaustion started to set in.  We tried to stay cool inside my sister's house for the majority of the day.  I worked in Amelia and Ellie's closets organizing pretty girl clothes.  And my mom and sister made shopping lists of things we needed to complete Amelia's big girl room and preparing the nursery for Miss Ellie's arrival.

That evening the guys took Jackson to his first Cardinal's baseball game! Jackson was in heaven with his daddy, Uncle Shorty, Pop and Papa.  And just minutes after Mr. bought Jackson a Cardinal's baseball my brother-in-law caught a real game ball for him! Talk about a fun night at the ballpark:)
Friday was another fun filled day playing tourists, complete with trips to both Grant's Farm and the 112 degree heat.  Thank goodness, Megan stayed home to keep cool, 'cause this barely pregnant momma was about ready to die from the heat and pure exhaustion.  But, seeing Jackson called down to feed "Bud" the elephant during the Elephant show at Grant's Farm was well worth the heat.  My mom is pretty well known for her ability to arrange such special treatment, and the elephant show was no exception!
Loli & Jackson feeding the goats
Jackson and the Shetland pony at Grant's Farm
Amelia & Jackson with the camel
Amelia, Loli, Pop, & Jackson with Mr. Camel...seconds before he spit in Loli's beer!
Jackson feeding 'Bud' the elephant a cantaloupe:)
my big boy with his "dirty" hand from the elephant
Later that night at the Zoo, Jackson trying to talk to "happy feet"
Our last day in St. Louis was just as enjoyable as the first.  The guys took both Jackson and Amelia back to the Zoo since we missed seeing most of the animals the night before due to the time.  They ended up seeing nearly every animal and spending most of their day there (in the heat again)! Then on the way home they stopped at a bike shop to get Jackson a big boy bike.  The rest of their afternoon was spent teaching Jackson how to ride and then swimming - big surprise!

As for us girls, we had a delightful afternoon lunch and spent the day shopping.  No kids, no worries, just my mom and my sister.  Besides the heat, nothing could have been better! We completed both Amelia and Ellie's rooms and even managed to get some ideas for baby Wilson 2.0's nursery and checked out double strollers. 

 We finished off the vacation with another amazing dinner before heading back to my sister's to sadly pack for our trip home.  Crazy to think that our next trip to St. Louis will be to meet baby Ellie!

The drive home was as easy as can be.  We stopped twice and rented Jackson movies from Red box and made it home before dark! Now, I'm just hoping this drive stays as nice and comfortable when we have two kids in the backseat:)

*Jackson's shirts made courtesy of L.M.N.O.P. Embroidery & Gifts
**Jackson's bracelet is an emergency contact/ID bracelet
***Jackson's necklace is his dogtag/ID from Disney with our contact information
Yes, I'm super paranoid about Jackson getting lost in big crowds!



Baby 2.0: 15 weeks

>> Friday, July 13, 2012

Phew, what a whirlwind the past two weeks have been!

Between busy, busy times at work, a little St. Louis vacation and fighting bronchitis still...I'm so glad the weekend is almost here! And just because I promised to be a better blogger, I will give you two blogs today :gasp:.  Oh, and I have a pretty cool giveaway in the works too:)

Without further ado, baby 2.0 update. 

Size of Baby: orange

Total Weight Gain: +1.5 (still not above the weight I put on from fertility...but it's getting close!)

Continuing Symptoms: nothing to really note, I'm still coughing a good bit from bronchitis, which stinks.

New Symptoms This Week: BH contractions every late afternoon and evening. My doctor checked me yesterday just to be sure they weren't causing me to dilate and all was good and tight!

Maternity Clothes: not yet, but it won't be long.  My pants didn't button this week, but all my dresses are still good.

Sleep: sleep is good, when I'm not up coughing my lungs up

What I'm Eating: back to my normal diet

Cravings: pasta and pizza (which explains the weight gain)

Movement: I'm feeling more flutters at night, which I love!

Labor Signs: BH contractions, but thankfully no dilation! Just keeping hydrated and resting as much as possible.

Special Pregnancy Moments: hearing the baby's heartbeat at the doctor yesterday (155bpm) and scheduling our gender ultrasound.  One week and counting until we know if 2.0 is Benjamin Jacob or Matilda Jayne!!!

Belly pic: 14 weeks, 4 days


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