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Baby 2.0: 10 Weeks

>> Friday, June 8, 2012

Size of Baby: prune

Total Weight Gain: weight bounces between 0-2lbs., good news is that I've yet to go above what I gained from the fertility treatments! Reducing my sodium intake has really helped to take off those fertility pounds.  The days my weight fluctuation is less are days when I can keep my sodium intake down.

Continuing Symptoms: slight nose congestion, extremely tired, frequent urination, round ligament pain and overall uterus stretching and cramping. 

New Symptoms This Week: more emotional, but I think it's more due to Jackson's birthday. they grow up too fast!

Maternity Clothes: not yet, thank goodness to cotton summer dresses. however, I do have everything washed, pressed and hung for when the time comes.

Sleep: oh my am I sleepy! Wednesday night I was asleep at 6PM and every other night I am asleep shortly after Jackson goes to bed.

What I'm Eating: my appetite feels relatively normal, with random food aversions to salad and coffee...the coffee is a huge deal as I normally drink a few cups of black coffee daily.  I could pretty much each any bread or pasta and be a happy girl though!

Cravings: pasta and banana bread

Movement: not yet, just stretching and pulling feelings in my uterus

Labor Signs: no ma'am!

Special Pregnancy Moments: hearing the baby's sweet heart beat again this week!



Jennifer June 14, 2012 at 4:09 PM  

So excited to take this exciting journey with you. Continue to keep us posted!! Xoxo

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