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The sweetest sound

>> Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This morning was our first OB appointment for sweet lil peanut 2.0!

It's hard to believe that just three short years ago, I was spending a good portion of my days in that very office being monitored for Jackson. And for a moment, it felt like only a flash of time passed and now we're here again for this precious gift from God.

All of the worry and anxiety and stress that our infertility journey has taken us through melted away from the forefront of my mind and heart.

Those feelings will always be somewhere, but for now, I have packed them away and am thanking God with all of my heart and soul.

Hearing our baby's heart beating 175 beats per minute at nearly 10 weeks finally put me at ease. This is really happening.

I think I may have hopped on to cloud 9 at that moment.

Mr.'s face was beaming too, gosh I love that man!

And Dr. F's excitement for us was exemplified when he told us to take out our phone and record the heart beat. I also love that man:)

I've been a terrible blogger lately, but I have the confidence now that I needed to jump back on track! I'll start my weekly photos and updates on Friday.

I'm thinking about doing those pregnancy quizzes, do any of y'all have one to share??? Photobucket


Lea Liz June 6, 2012 at 10:45 PM  

What a wonderful moment to hear your sweet baby's heart beat!!!!!!!

Jennifer June 7, 2012 at 4:18 PM  

The sweet soond if the heartbeat must have been music to your ears. The struggles, stress and heartache have lead you to a place of bliss. I will tell you again how happy I am for you and your family. Looking foward to your updates :-)

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