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Roar Jackson's 4!

>> Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's hard to believe my first born is already four years old.  Where has the time gone? I vividly remember driving to my daily doctor's appointments waiting to be told today is the day! 
Jackson has taught me so much about life and continues to be my pride and joy every day.  He is such a sweet, tender-hearted, little boy.  He's full of life and character that is out of this world.  We nicknamed him the negotiator because he is just that.  "No" is never an answer for him, he always has another option, "how 'bout...".
I love celebrating birthdays.  Since Jackson is old enough to really have friends this year, we decided to host a real birthday party for him.  We haven't had a big party since his first, we've celebrated his others with just family and a few close friends.
If you know Jackson, then you know that this kids absolutely loves dinosaurs.  He knows them all by name, but his favorite is the T-Rex.  Of course, when we asked Jackson what kind of party he wanted it was dinos all the way!

I found some cute invites and decoration from Oriental Trading and Party City.  I may have gone a little over board, but Jackson loved it all.  He was a little upset that his T-Rex pinata would have to be broken to get the candy out..let's just say it's a good thing he likes candy:)

We hosted the party at my mom's house.  They have a big backyard and a pool, so the set up works well! We had a DINO-mite party with swimming and a dinosaur fun jump.  The party was in the afternoon so the food was pretty simple.  We had little snacks and sandwiches, and beverages of course.

Even though Jackson's birthday isn't until June 9th, we always celebrate over Memorial Day weekend. It has worked out well since it's a long weekend so my dad and sister can make the trip down.  May is also a big birthday month for the family, so we have a lot of people to celebrate.  Not including Jackson, we have my sister and brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my brother, the Brummett twins, my grandma, and maybe even more that I'm leaving off here! Stephanie and the girls were supposed to come as well, but a terrible virus kept them home for the weekend:( 

A large time was had by all little ones that made the party, and some of the adults too! It rained at the very end of the party, but Jackson certainly didn't let that ruin his fun.

Happy birthday my sweet boy, happy birthday!


Jennifer August 28, 2013 at 9:20 AM  

Happy belated bithday to Jackson!! Your party planning skills turned out a fun party...dinosaurs are great for that age!

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