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New Mommy Must Haves

>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Before I had Jackson I polled all of my mommy friends about their must haves, please refer back to this post. Now that Jackson is three months old I have quite a list of my own favorite things. I thought this would be useful to my mommy-to-be readers. Please feel free to add your favorite things in the comments.

For the new mommy:
You'll need more than you think. I didn't anticipate bleeding for so long.

This helps with the bottom pain for the first couple of weeks.

Breast Feeding:
Hooter Hider
Breast feeding can be very isolating, but with my hider I am able to nurse anywhere and be comfortable.

Lansinoh breast cream
This helps with nipple pain in the beginning from nursing. I used it before and after I nursed in the beginning. I had to use it again when I started to pump, but only for a few days.

Hydrogel Pads
These were great in the beginning as well.

I hate breast pads, but I found that these were the most discrete.

Nursing tank top
I wear a tank almost everyday. Its great to sleep in and wear under your shirt. It also helps hide your loose skin!

Sleep bra

Nursing bra
* I made the mistake of buying my bras before I had the baby and I was a 40D. But,not long after I had the baby I was a my bras didn't fit. Also, I wouldn't buy a padded bra. When you fold the cup down to nurse it constantly pops up on the baby's face.

Camden Diaper bag

Diaper caddy
This is great for bath time and in the beginning when the baby is in your room. Its also great to keep one at Grandma's house!

Extra diaper pad covers
We go through about two a day, depending on how many times a day Dad changes him. Jackson likes to pee on his Daddy:)

Lansinoh - wipes and diaper rash ointment
Breast feed babies tend to have more acidic poop. I tried the sensitive wipes and they were even worse on Jackson's butt. The Lansinoh wipes are especially for breast fed babies. You can only find these at Target and Babies R Us, they are with the breast feeding accessories.

Pamper Swaddlers work best for us.

Bath tub with sling
I have the bath chair as well, but I find that it is so much easier to bath in the sink.

Hooded towels and wash cloths.
I love these!

We started out using Johnson baby products, but Jackson has sensitive skin and we now use Aveeno products.

Boppy newborn lounger
We kept this in Jackson's cradle for the first few weeks. He needed to be vibrated all the time so we put the vibration soother in the bottom of it. When he started to fuss, the noise activator would start the vibration. We also used the heartbeat sound on the crib - see baby soother below.

Baby soother

Sleep sheep
We keep this in Jackson's crib. I found that the ocean noise works best.

Infant positioner
We still use this in Jackson's crib.

Best blanket

Boppy chair
Jackson needs to vibrate!

Bottles - I'm still breast feeding, so Jackson gets three bottles a day. We found that the platex bottles work best for us. I have a crap load of them, but my sitter only uses one bottle a day and washes the nipple in between feedings. If you can, borrow a few different bottles to see what kind/brand works best for you and baby - then buy a few of that one.

Pacifier - we use the hospital pacifier. The lactation nurse told me that whatever the pacifier nipple looked like, my nipple would end up looking the same... so be mindful of that when you are trying out different pacifiers!

ITZBEEN - I almost forgot to add this! I am so lost without it, it is a total must have. It was so hard for me to keep track of feeding times in the beginning and now that I'm back at work its great for the transition between our sitter and us.

Camera - Canon Rebel
A good camera is a must. We didn't have this in the beginning and I totally regret that!

Baby Bliss Gripe Water
I found that this works best for gas, hiccups, fussiness and upset tummy. The others constipated Jackson.

I went with the Chico travel system and am really happy with it. I found it to be the most recommended car seat when I asked all of my mommy friends.

I never used my boppy pillow, but some people love them. Jackson will only nurse in the football position. Try all of the positions and see what works best for you, the cross cradle position didn't work at all for us.

I hope you or someone you know finds this list to be helpful. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment!


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