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6 months

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Six months ago my life completely changed for the better. Six months ago I became a mommy, a mom, a mamma! Jackson has brought more love and joy to my life then I ever knew was humanly possible.

For Jackson's half birthday we took him to the doctor to get his vaccines (so nice of me, I know). As usual Jackson was all smiles and didn't even flinch when he got his two shots. My doctor gave him the seasonal flu shot, but opted to just give me the H1N1, not Jackson. He also said that we could start cereal this month! After the doctor Mr. Wilson met us at the mall and we had Jackson's picture made with Santa. He was so good, and all smiles! We also participated in an adopt a child for Christmas program at the mall. So we taught Jackson about giving as we fulfilled a 5 year old's Christmas wish list. It was a perfect day!

Six month stats:
18lbs.12oz. - 75th-90th percentile
27" long - 75th percentile
17" head circumference - 75th percentile
big boy:)

Lately Jackson has been rolling all over the place! I seriously don't know why I even bother to lay him on a blanket, he's off of it in about a minute. He loves to roll under the couch, the Christmas tree (scary!) and has recently started chewing on the corner of the walls (something he learned from his favor girls). My doctor says he's not teething, but I don't buy it!

Jackson is still exclusively on breast milk. During the week he takes two bottles a day with the sitter, and nurses three to four times a day. On good nights he sleeps through the night, waking up around 6am to eat and goes back to sleep until 9am. On bad nights, well that's another story. We had to take the sleep positioner out of his crib a couple weeks ago because he was rolling off of it. So I think his reflux is bothering him at night since he's not sleeping on an incline anymore.

In the past week Jackson has really started to sit up totally by himself and play! He LOVES to shake his rattles and chew on everything. It amazes me just have fast they change, he's a totally different baby than what he was over Thanksgiving. I love watching him play with his toys and squeal with excitement!

Jackson from birth to 6 months. If you click on the image you can see the pictures better

Sittin' on Santa's lap

Happy 6th months baby boy!


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