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HSG & Game plan

>> Monday, February 13, 2012

I am beyond thrilled to report that my HSG is over and done with! My tubes were clear, as we suspected they would be, and we finally have a game plan.

The anticipation of the test was far worse than the test itself, which I find to be true in most aspects of life. However, I am glad I decided to take 3 Tylenol {instead of just 2} an hour and a half before the test!

When Dr. S. walked into the room, I felt a little more at ease.  We seriously love this guy, and he is phenomenal at what he does.  It made me very sad that I didn't just wait to have an appointment with him in the first place {we're technically seeing his new partner, Dr. A.}.  I'm pretty sure he felt the HSG was just as unnecessary as I did, but it was worth the price and pain just to have his ear for a minute or two.

The HSG lasted all of about :30 seconds once they inserted the catheter and pushed the dye.  Had my tubes been blocked, he said the test would have taken longer.  Just when I reached the oh my gosh, this shit is really uncomfortable, I feel like I'm having a contraction point, it was over and that was it!

We asked if we could start a cycle now, hey a girl had to ask, but cycle day 8 is too late.

Mr. snapped a quick picture of me while we waited for Dr. S. 
A shot of my clear tubes:)
Dr. S. talked to us about cycling and our game plan once the HSG was complete.  He said that he would be monitoring me with Dr. A. and would tell her "the plan".

So on cycle day 14, this Sunday, I will start 10 days of progesterone to speed things up a bit.  My cycles have no rhyme or reason to them and range from 30 days, to most recently 50 days.  With the progesterone, I should start my next cycle around the beginning of March {cutting my cycle down to about 26 days}.

Then the fun will really start happening!

We will do the same treatment plan as we did with Jackson and go from there. So, in about 3 weeks I'll be popping pills and shooting myself full of baby making hormones!  The best part about the timing of everything is that my best friend, Stephanie, will likely be visiting us again during shot time.  She may have to help me shoot me up in a public bathroom again, you know for superstition sakes:) Besides, we totally know what we're doing this time around and will certainly not get so flustered as to leave my needles behind so that I look more like a drug addict then a crazy momma of 2 wanna be! Yes, this is a true story that I seemed to have forgotten to blog about the first time around:)


Mama Whitfield February 14, 2012 at 10:38 AM  

So glad to hear the HSG went well!

I just got the trigger shot yesterday. This is my first round of clomid and I'm hoping it goes well.

I will keep praying for Wilson Baby #2. Good luck!!

KJJ Houston February 14, 2012 at 3:01 PM  

So glad you did the test and that all is clear! Lets make some babies!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Lisa February 14, 2012 at 4:10 PM  

YAY for nice open tubes and a plan!! I am so excited for you!!!

Jennifer February 15, 2012 at 8:05 AM  

I am so glad the test went well and you are on your way to a full baby making! I was cracking up at the needles in the bathroom :-)

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