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Meeting Ellie Jayne

>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

When the storm trackers forecasted Hurricane Isaac to make landfall in Louisiana my mom decided to head to St. Louis immediately.  She was not about to miss the birth of her third grandchild and Jim Cantore's arrival in New Orleans was just her sign to get out of town.  Mother nature vs. mother's intuition I guess you'd call it because sure enough Ellie was born the afternoon the storm hit.

My mom only booked a one way ticket to St. Louis since we really didn't know when Ellie would be born.  The timing of everything worked out perfectly though and I was able to hitch a ride with my step-dad to go and pick her up!

So Thursday after work, me, Jackson and Pop began our long drive up to St. Louis.  We planned on breaking up the drive, but after a terrible storm {literally the worst storm ever} came down I-55, we were awake enough to drive straight through the night!

At about 3:45AM I met my sweet, 9-day-old niece, Ellie Jayne.  She was sleeping oh so peacefully, as she does through the night already, and I instantly fell in love! Jackson woke up when we pulled him out of his car seat and he was equally excited about meeting the new baby.

I was hoping that Jackson would let me get a few more hours of sleep then he did, but as the sky opened on Friday morning, so did my boy and he was ready to hold Ellie.  And for the next two days that is all either one of us wanted to do.
Jackson told us all how much he just loved Ellie and counted all of her fingers and toes.  He loved to kiss her face and tell us how soft and sweet she was.  Jackson even went as far as trying to nurse her himself, 'cause he's got nipples too you know.  All he needed was a blanket and was determined.
 "I got this momma.  I just need that blanket {hooter hider}.  I got this.  I got nipples too, yah, I do.  I can feed Ellie too.  She can come home with us and I'll feed her."  Let's just say that I literally had to walk away and peed myself a little when this conversation started.  We are going to have our hands full when Miss Mattie Jayne arrives, that is for sure!
And, Amelia.  Let me just say, she is one proud big sister.  She squealed with excitement when she woke up to both Jacksie and Kiki at her house Friday morning.  Amelia immediately took my hand and led me to "Baby Ellie's" cradle to show off her sister.  It was a precious moment, one that I'll never forget.  There is a special bond between sisters that can't be put into words.  But at that moment, I just knew that Ellie is as special to Amelia as Megan is to me.  And that my friends brings sweet tears to my eyes:)

Leaving was so hard, and I believe Jackson took it harder than my mom.  Thank goodness we'll be seeing these two princesses in one short week!!!


Jennifer September 21, 2012 at 10:24 PM  

Ok, I am cracking up at Jackson feeding the baby!! That is great, so innocent and sweet! You are truly blessed to have another beautiful neice :-)

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