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Baby 2.0: 38 weeks

>> Thursday, December 20, 2012

This little girl of ours must be enjoying the mind game that she's playing with us.  Here I am, 38 weeks pregnant after my doctor said there's no way I'd make it through the weekend...two weeks ago!

I'm 5cm dilated and 70% effaced, but still not having regular contractions.  At this rate, she may be falling out of me before I get admitted to the hospital.  We've tried every trick in the book to induce labor on our own (minus castor oil or anything too crazy).  But, honestly, I've reached the point that I may just be pregnant forever or she'll come when she's good and ready.

The OCD planner in me would love to have her now so that we'd be home for Christmas.  Sipping hot chocolate and coffee on Christmas morning soaking up our new life as a family of four.  And just to show me who's really boss, I'm sure I'll go into labor on Christmas Eve and miss Christmas at home.  Either way, as long as my family is healthy and together - it really doesn't matter.  Especially in light of the recent tragedy, I am just thankful I have my babies this Christmas.

Jackson came down with a terrible infection and has been sick since Saturday night.  Monday was by far the worst day with a fever peaking at 104.9 degrees.  It was incredibly scary and landed us in the doctor's office/hospital for most of the day.  Thankfully, I had stockpiled my sick time for maternity leave (which I obviously don't need now) so I spent the week home nursing him back to health.  I'm back to work today, but Pop is keeping Jackson at home because he's still coughing.  Besides, I'd hate for any of his classmates to catch this before the holidays!

Maybe now that big brother is on the mend, baby sister will come out to play on her own.  Otherwise, we are one week away from induction.  One week or less, I can do this:)

Size of Baby: pumpkin, measured 34 at appointments this week

Total Weight Gain: total since getting pregnant: +24.5

Continuing Symptoms: heartburn, always thirsty, leaking breasts, swelling in the afternoon and evening...

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all maternity, minus my pajama pants and t-shirts

Sleep: sleep was getting a little better until Jackson got sick.  Mattie Jayne has dropped and relieved the pressure off of my ribs, so I no longer need the maternity pillow.  Jackson calls is my worm pillow:)

What I'm Eating: pretty normal diet, just watching the sodium as much as possible. adding a good bit of fatty foods to plump up baby girl

Cravings: Slow churned chocolate ice cream and hot fudge...must have every night!

Movement: she's a busy girl in there, but it's slowing down a bit as the end is getting closer

Labor Signs: 5cm and 70% effaced.  Just waiting on the contractions to become regular, which never happened with Jackson.  I walked into the hospital at 7cm with him...and no contractions

Special Pregnancy Moments: knowing that we only have one week left!



Amy December 20, 2012 at 9:14 PM  

So close momma! jackson is going to be such a great big brother! :)

Jennifer December 22, 2012 at 10:47 PM  

Hey Momma!! How are you?? I love that fact that your little girl is totally being controlling! Maybe she will come on XMas....what better present could you ask for, right?? Keep us posted. BTW, you look great :-)

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