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Baby 2.0: 36 Weeks

>> Saturday, December 8, 2012

To say that this week in Mattie Jayne's pregnancy has been an eventful one would be a bit of an understatement. It seems as though my body just knows that between 35 and 36 weeks, it's time to prep for eviction!

It all started last weekend.  The contractions.  The take your breath away this is it contractions.  Contraction timer apps were purchased and I was a bit surprised to see just how regular they were.  Every 2-3 minutes for about 2 hours and then nothing for days or hours.

By Monday I wasn't feeling right.  It may have been the lack of sleep and anxiety from the weekend, but I called my doctor and went in for a quick appointment and cervix check.  I was dilated to 1cm and my cervix was still towards the back (I can't remember if that posterior or anterior, sorry).  Anyway, he sent me on my way and told me it would be a few more weeks.

Monday night I had the most intense and regular contracts ever.  I was sure I was losing my mind, especially since an hour before my doctor told me we had weeks to go.  They lasted for 2.5 hours and just as I started to call my mom and say "it's time", they stopped.

My regular appointment was Thursday afternoon and I was holding back the tears when my doctor asked how I was feeling.  I hadn't slept in nights.  My rib/right upper uterus pain is getting the best of me and the contractions are messing with my head.  Well, wouldn't you know when he checked me I was dilated to 3cm with a lot of cervical change.

Off to a non-stress test I went to check on Miss Mattie and I started contracting every 2 minutes for the entire test.  My doctor thought I was for sure going into labor and sent me to the hospital across the street...where I spent the next 18 hours.

To sum things up, I am so close to being 4cm dilated, but not quite there.  Apparently that is the magic dilation number to get admitted to have a baby.  And, I'm just 36 weeks, so there is nothing they can do to speed things up.  No breaking my water bag, which is bulging.  No pitocin.  No stripping membranes. Nothing.

Keep in mind, with Jackson I was in labor for 3 weeks and dilated about a cm a week.  So, this could go on a while...or not.

I lost my mucous plug sometime Thursday night/Friday was a long night in the hospital with very little sleep in a very uncomfortable birthing bed.

My doctor doesn't think I'm make it through the weekend, but my contractions haven't picked back up so I'm not so sure.  I guess it's only Saturday morning.  He did warn me not to take my time getting back to the hospital because once things do start up, it will be fast.

Every day that Mattie cooks is better, so I'm not overly anxious for her to come out.  Speaking from a momma who finally slept 12 hours last night.  I don't have the "I'm so done" attitude this morning:)

Estimated weight guess from my ultrasound has Mattie Jayne weighing 5lbs.8oz., so I've been pigging out a bit to fatten her up!

Size of Baby: honeydew, measured 33 and 32 this week at appointments

Total Weight Gain: total since getting pregnant: +25 - +26lbs. depending on the day

Continuing Symptoms: heartburn, always thirsty, milk is in, swelling in the afternoon and evening...

Maternity Clothes: pretty much all maternity, minus my pajama pants and t-shirts

Sleep: sleep is getting hard and uncomfortable, especially due to my hot spot/bruised ribs.  my sister sent me down her maternity pillow which is helping some.

What I'm Eating: pretty normal diet, just watching the sodium as much as possible. adding a good bit of fatty foods to plump up baby girl

Cravings: Slow churned chocolate ice cream and hot fudge...must have every night!

Movement: she's a busy girl in there, but it's slowing down a bit as the end is getting closer

Labor Signs: see above:)

Special Pregnancy Moments: packing our bags and knowing that our baby girl will be here sooner than later!


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