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Mattie's First Bath

>> Monday, January 28, 2013

When Mattie was exactly two weeks old, her umbilical cord finally fell off and it was time for her first real bath! Poor thing has some greasy hair, so momma had been giving her daily sponge baths while anxiously waiting the moment I could get her squeaky clean:) So, the moment I heard her cord hit the hardwood floor I started to fill her tub!

Just like her big brother, Mattie absolutely loves bath time.  Her fist bath was in her little tub at the sink, but her favorite is to soak with me in my tub.  She will float and look around forever.  It amazes how I can just hold my hand under her head and her body stays afloat.  Jackson loves bath time with his sister too.

Mattie is a strong girl and can roll herself over and kick herself into some crazy positions.  Because of this, bath time in her little tub normally ends with her trying to completely submerge herself.  This girl will keep us on our toes:)

Our bitty girl, all clean on her two-week birthday:)


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