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Jackson & his broken arm

>> Thursday, March 28, 2013

It happened.  My baby boy broke his first bone.  And while this may be his first broken bone, I am sure it won't be his last.  My heart is broken for my little dude, which I am sure won't be my last either.

How did it happen you ask?

Well, you'd think that Action Jackson would break his first bone riding his bike, pretending to be Spider-man, or falling with style like Buzz.

Oh no, not the case.

Jackson broke his elbow while dancing, with his cousin, at a Mexican restaurant.  Sorry kids, not exactly the story to brag about while showing off battle wounds.

What's worse than his story is our story of completely blowing him off and chalking it up to being overly tired.  #parentsoftheyear #parentfail

Thursday night Jackson and I went on a date to Disney on Ice.  We got home late and Jackson woke up as soon as "the sky opened" Friday morning.  He went to school on Friday, so at most he got a two hour nap.

Friday night we met up with my family for dinner downtown.  It was a beautiful night with plenty of bands playing and music for Action Jackson to shake his booty to, which he loves to do! 

Fast-forward a couple of hours.  Jackson has been dancing and having a ball for a couple of hours.  He's dancing and trips and falls.

Except for the fact that he wouldn't quit screaming.

For the first time ever, we had to leave where we were because we could not get Jackson to settle down.

My mom saw Jackson fall and is a nurse.  She was convinced there was nothing wrong with Jackson and that he was probably just exhausted.

So, home we went.  And he screamed until we threatened to really give him something to cry  know that ol' parental threat.  Why at that point we didn't head to the ER I will never know.

Jackson ended up sleeping with us Friday night and moaned in serious pain.  At 1:30AM he woke up and we knew his little fall did something to his arm.  However, nothing was swollen or bruised.  We waited until sunrise and Mr. took Jackson to the urgent care as soon as it opened.  They took a few X-rays and thought that Jackson probably just had nurse-maid's elbow and popped it back into place.

They sent the boys on their way and said Jackson should be back to normal.

Boy was that so not the case! We took Jackson to an Easter helicopter egg drop and he couldn't even hunt eggs.  He passed on the fun jumps and was just not getting any better.  He screamed getting in and out of his car seat and refused to move his arms...and then his hand started to swell.

No sooner than we questioned whether or not we needed to take Jackson to the ER for a second opinion, the urgent care called.  Turns out that the radiologist read Jackson's scans and saw a break in his elbow.  They had us bring Jackson back in and they put a splint/cast on Jackson's arm.  And almost instantly our dude was back to himself!

Mr. added some fun art to Jackson's cast and he couldn't have loved his "toothless the dragon" more.  The only problem with Jackson being in a cast was that when people asked him what happened, he would fall down and show them...that's my boy!

Yesterday Jackson had to be seen by a pediatric orthopedic to confirm that his elbow was in fact broken...which he did.  Now Jackson is in a real cast and it hasn't slowed him down one bit!
My heart seriously breaks thinking about the pain Jackson was in Friday night and Saturday.  Good news is that I doubt he remembers and he's all smiles now:)


Val March 29, 2013 at 7:49 AM  

Poor little guy! :-( Glad he is on the mend and back to acting like his normal self!

nikinikinine April 3, 2013 at 4:30 PM  

Oh gosh, you know what? Sometimes with toddlers they overreact and so when they aren't overreacting it's hard to tell. It could happen to anyone. I'm glad he's okay.

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