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Valentine's Day 2013

>> Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's not everyday that I feel particularly loved or special...especially now that Mr. is busier than ever with work and we're a family of four.  More work, more laundry, more chores and less time to do it all.  However, I can't get over how sweet and special Mr. made me feel on our Hallmark holiday Valentine's Day this year.

Between a house full of company for Mardi Gras, prepping for a big hearing/trial, and leaving for a weekend in New Orleans...Valentine's Day was the farthest thing from my mind.  I managed to get treats together for Jackson's class earlier in the week and had already gotten Mr. a year's membership for massages...check and check, I was done. 

We were headed to the city for my friend/co-workers wedding the day after Valentine's Day, so there was much to be done! Bags needed to be packed, my hair needed highlights and my nails needed some TLC!

Mr. tended to Jackson after school while Mattie and I spent the afternoon and early evening getting pampered making me look human again.  When we pulled in the garage we were greeted by our boys and my heart melted.  Mr. and Jackson decorated the kitchen with some lovely Pre-K3 artwork.  Flowers and balloons were sitting on the counter, next to champagne and petit fours.  And my absolute favorite dinner, grilled steaks and potatoes were waiting to be served. 

Jackson was so stinking excited about my present that he blew Mr.'s cover and got it out of hiding as soon as I walked in the door.  He was so excited that I had a present and he couldn't wait for me to open it.  Truth be told, the best gift that Mr. gave me this Valentine's Day was not in a box.  As cheesy as this sounds, it was the gift of showing our son how to treat a lady or someone that you love.

Mr. was and is so busy, but he took the time to cherish his wife.  He made me feel loved, special and irreplaceable.  He was patient with our son and let him pick out balloons and carefully taped up his school artwork.  Each and every detail was done with love and set an amazing example for our son.  I only hope that one day Jackson finds a special someone that he can spoil half as much as his daddy spoils me:)



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