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Little girl, Big city

>> Friday, March 15, 2013

The day after Valentine's we took Mattie on her first trip to the big city, New Orleans.  At 8-weeks-old, I don't think she thought too much of it...all in time:)

We were in the city for my dear friend and long-time co-worker's wedding.  We had been looking forward to the wedding since shorty after I got pregnant.  Since I'm nursing Mattie, a weekend is just too long to leave her.  So, Mr. and I decided to leave Jackson with my parents and just take Mattie with us.

The weekend worked out perfect.  Jackson had a blast with Loli & Pop, eating them out of house and home and learning how to play soccer.  And Mattie got some much needed bonding time with her daddy.
The trip over took a little longer than we expected Friday night.  I had to work later than I intended, so by the time we got the car packed and Jackson dropped off, we hit terrible traffic the entire way to Nola.  We completely missed the welcome party Friday night, so we met up with the Wilson's for an awesome steak dinner instead.  Yes, steak two nights in a favorite!
Mattie took her first stroll across Bourbon St. and slept through our entire dinner.  She had no idea what she was missing!
Saturday, the day of the wedding, was beautiful.  Mr. met his dad for breakfast and kept the black-out curtains drawn tightly closed, with the "Do not disturb" sign on our door...and I got to sleep in, until 10:30AM!!! This momma was on cloud nine, let me tell you! I called Mr. when we awoke and he came back to our room with Starbucks and breakfast.  He really does know the way to my heart:)
Mr.'s dad and step-mom have an awesome little apartment in the heart of the city, so they were able to babysit Mattie for us during the wedding.  The wedding was in the early afternoon, so between nursing, showering, pumping and dropping Mattie off with her Mimmy & Beh, we barely made the wedding! It still amazes me, even the second time around, how time completely vanishes before your eyes.
But, Mr. and I had a wonderful afternoon.  We danced, drank champagne and enjoyed each others company (most importantly).  We were the last ones to leave the reception and didn't want the night to end...well, I did want to get off my feet and out of my heels!
Sunday morning came early, but I missed my big boy and was ready to head home to our little city.  Mr. had a big hearing/trial to prep for and I knew the week would be long.  We got packed up and headed home to watch Jackson and his mad soccer skills!

Until next time Nola!


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