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Easter 2013

>> Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We celebrated Easter twice this year, once with my sister and family and then again on Easter Sunday.  We hosted my parents and Mr's family for lunch and crawfish boil.  We had a great afternoon visiting and playing in the backyard. 

I couldn't help but hold Mattie with such awe, as it was just last Easter that we were praying for a successful, second cycle.  It's amazing how good our God is and what a difference one short year can be.  I spent many nights praying, crying and begging for my sweet girl. 

I digress.

I think these pictures are worth a thousand words, at least to me.  Jackson slept late and awoke to a path of eggs from his room to his basket in the family room.  I think he was a little confused by the whole thing or just too tired to really get it;)

Nothing like a little momma torture with bunny ears.  Easter was a beautiful day, minus an afternoon storm that sent everyone running! Jackson enjoyed playing with his cousin and his "pet" crawfish more than anything!


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