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March 2013

>> Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Well this just may be a first, a post about our St. Patrick's Day, the month of March and Easter, all at the end of May...and let's just get real crazy and say that we celebrated Easter with the luck of the Irish this year! Things have been a little busy and our life is in the midst of a huge change.  Please bear with me while I catch y'all up with the Wilson's!

My sister and her crew came down to spend her Spring Break with us.  Her break fell a little early this year, so she was actually here in the middle of March, a couple weeks before Easter.  My mom had a little talk with the Easter Bunny and he sent the kids Easter baskets with the Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day:) Loli never misses an opportunity to create special memories with her grand-babies!

Miss Mattie Jayne dressed in Amelia's St. Patrick's Day onesie for her first St. Patty's Day.  My little loves make me feel so lucky (and blessed) to be their Momma.

We successfully crammed as much family time and fun into our week together as possible.  We enjoyed some pool time, ate and drank way too much, dyed and hunted eggs, and even took part in some adult fun while the kiddos had a slumber party with Loli & Pop.

We were also able to take the kids to a Helicopter Egg drop the day before my sister had to head back to St. Louis.  The weather was super windy and misted a bit, so the helicopter didn't get to fly over as planned.  Amelia and Jackson were still able to hunt eggs, but it was the day after Jackson broke his arm so he wasn't too concerned about hunting eggs.  After the hunt we took all of the kids to see the Easter bunny, literally minuted before the Urgent Care called us back to cast his arm!

It's amazing to look back at these photos to see how much all four kids have grown since we were last together.  The whole crew is down again to kick off Summer and celebrate Jackson's 4th birthday.  ::GASP:: my first born is almost four!!!


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