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Two Thumbs Up!

>> Friday, May 10, 2013

After a long six weeks, Jackson's doctor gave the thumbs up to remove his cast. Truth be told, this was actually his second cast.  About two weeks ago Action Jackson managed to break his first cast.  Yes, my son not only managed to break his elbow, but a cast too! I'm pretty sure every ER from here to Kingdom Come will know us by name:)

I was pretty thankful when his cast basically disintegrated around his hand, making it necessary for a new one.  Cause let me tell you, after only four weeks it stunk to high heavens! It was covered in grass stains, play-doh, cookie icing, mud, dirt...need I go on? Why has no one invented a cast cover or cleaner?

Jackson handled the cast with such grace the entire six weeks.  He never once complained about it itching or stinking or scratching his nose when tried to wipe his face with his "cast arm".  He grabbed a trash bag every night before his bath and reminded me to cover his arm.  So, we did a little dance before our last trash-bag-bath!  And I surely celebrated being able to wash his filthy hand immediately after it came off:) 

This boy teaches me new lessons about life everyday!
Waiting on the doctor to read his x-rays!
Doc said all is healing well, cast can come off:)
Thumbs up dude, double thumbs up!


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