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Doctor's Appointment

>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterday I had my 28 week doctors appointment. Everything is looking good, I will now start going every 2 weeks! Jackson's heartbeat was 145 bpm, and I measured at 26 weeks. I asked my doctor is this was okay, I had been measuring right on schedule or a week ahead. He said it just meant that Jackson wasn't going to be a big baby - huge relief. Mr. Wilson was 11 lbs. and 24" long at birth!!!

I also had to do the glucose test, it really wasn't too bad. The worst part was sitting for an hour waiting for the lab to give me the stuff to drink... and then sitting another hour to have my blood drawn.

Oh, and after adjusting my diet to low sodium I only gained 4 pounds this month... which could have been 14+ if I hadn't changed things up! Total weight gain is now at 27 pounds.


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