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Tidbit Tuesday

>> Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I feel like we've had so much going on that I just haven't had a chance to post about, I guess that means we're having fun:)

Would you believe that I went back to the beach over the weekend - just me and Jackson, 6 hours in a car?!? Talk about a momma milestone for me! I promise, this will be a post of it's own.

My lovely Brummett Bunch came a stayed the night with us on their way back from vacation and were our first guests in the new house! We had such a fun night swimming, barbecuing, and fishing in the pond. The kiddos played so well together and had a big slumber party in Jackson's room. Seeing our babies cuddles up together makes my heart so happy!

 We took Jackson to see Cars 2, his first movie at the theater, and he loved it! He ate his popcorn and snacks and didn't move for almost the whole movie.  About 5 minutes before it ended, he stood up and said all done and proceeded to walk out to the isle - I guess it wasn't the ending he hoped for?!? All in all we were impressed and are looking forward to taking him to more kid movies.  It made for an awesome family date on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of firsts, Jackson also went to the dentist for his first check-up.  I really liked the dentist we selected, she was super nice and sweet to Jackson.  He let them floss and brush his teeth like a big boy, I was shocked he did so well! The room was a big play room full of exam tables.  So he could play and get his teeth cleaned:) We did find out that Jackson has an extra tooth, so glad we got to go through the joys of teething an extra time! The dentist explained that it wasn't a big deal, she'll only have to pull it if he gets an extra permanent tooth as well.

We've finished our house projects for the time being.  Our plantation shutters for the living room and kitchen came in and look fabulous! And I found bar stools that I really like, so our kitchen is complete.  We really want to add copper awnings to the back of our house and get new patio furniture, but that may be a project for next year.
I love everything about our house, except for the hardwood floors.  I would love to rip them out and start over - never do a dark wood floor! They show every spec of dirt and every mark your toddler leaves behind with his trains and cars and trucks.

We're trying to plan one last trip for the summer, to visit my dad and sister in St. Louis.  Mr.'s work schedule has been c.r.a.z.y. so I really hope we can squeeze a trip in before football season starts!

Happy Tidbit Tuesday:)


Misty September 2, 2011 at 11:13 PM  

hi! I'm your scarf swap partner & I'm totally creeping your blog right now to see what I think you may like. I just HAD to comment about the floors... We have dark hardwood floors & I would love to rip them out too! I can NOT keep them clean. ever. We live in the country & it's dusty out here, especially with the drought. I just want to pull my hair out. lol Just wanted to say, "i feel your pain." :)

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