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Baby girl: 18 weeks

>> Saturday, August 4, 2012

Size of Baby: mango

Total Weight Gain: This week: +0.  Total since getting pregnant: +3.0

Continuing Symptoms: nothing to really note. some nose bleeds

New Symptoms This Week: see previous post about back pain!

Maternity Clothes: leggings, shirts and some dresses...some of my dresses still fit.

Sleep: sleep is good, but the dreams are crazy

What I'm Eating: pretty normal diet, just watching the sodium as much as possible.

Cravings: carbs and champagne!

Movement: still waiting for the flutters to turn into kicks...come on girl!

Labor Signs: BH contractions have slowed way down. Just keeping hydrated and resting as much as possible.

Special Pregnancy Moments: I had a doctor's check up yesterday and all was well.  Miss Mattie's heart beat was 155bpm.  I bought a couple pretty outfits, but my mom and sister are loading her closest full of pink.  I love hanging everything up and watch her closest grow:) I'm pretty obsessed with anything Kissy Kissy, Smocked, Kicky Feet or Magnolia Baby.  Do you have any other brands or sites that I need to check out?!?



KJJ Houston August 4, 2012 at 11:06 PM  

omg stop look at all those clothes!!! squeeeeel!

Jessica August 10, 2012 at 12:05 PM  

You will find that dressing a girl is soooooo much fun. I am a smock fan myself and love Smocked Auctions and Smocked by Stellybelly FB pages (they have sales certain nights of the week) and there is a great resale page - Smocking Hot Mamas - that you can find Kissy Kissy, Smocked Magnolia's, Peaches n Cream on at great prices. There are a few more sites as well, but would be a lot to list - but you can email me if you are interested!!

I love shopping for my baby girl :)

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