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I'm in L-O-V-E with my RE!

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I had butterflies in my stomach all morning. I had a lot of anxiety about our appointment with Dr. S. this afternoon. I don't think it helped that Mr. Wilson and I are both having very hectic work week. When we sat down in the waiting room Mr. Wilson's pants got caught on the chair and his pocket ripped open... I thought it was pretty funny, but he saw no humor in it at all!

We were called to the back and asked a few questions by a nurse. I was really happy to know that I haven't gained a pound. I guess I feel a lot more bloated than the scale can tell. The nurse gave us a lot of information, took our picture (so they can learn us by name) then showed us into Dr. S's office. His office was totally decked out in LSU gear. This put Mr. Wilson at such ease and we totally fell in love with Dr. S as soon as he walked in.

He had reviewed all of my medical history and test results from my ob/gyn. He had a pretty good idea as to what he felt was my issue. He walked us through the possibilities for our infertility and the treatment cycle he would like to try. We will know more tomorrow, once my FSH and LH levels come in, but it looks like I have some sort of issue with my Pituitary. If my blood work confirms Dr. S's initial thoughts, I will follow this treatment cycle.

Day 1 - start period. This should happen on Saturday.
Day 3 - Base line ultrasound and blood tests.
Start Menopur injections, I have to give my self a shot every day through day 11.
Day 5 - Ultrasound and blood tests.
Day 11 - Ultrasound and blood tests. hCG Injection
Day 13-14 - Timed Intercourse
Day 28 - Pregnancy Test

If this cycle works for us, we are looking at a 4th of July baby Wilson!!!

I am more than excited and feel like we are finally headed in the right direction. Mr. W is a little upset that we waited so long to go to a RE. I truly believe that timing is everything, and there is a reason that God had us wait and stick it out with my ob/gym until now. I have a great feeling about this, and I am more than thrilled about not having to take Clomid ever again!


Lisa September 25, 2008 at 10:02 PM  

YAY for moving forward!! It sounds like you guys have a great plan : )

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