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And the waiting begins...

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

I can't believe that I am back at work, 35 weeks pregnant, still at 4 cm dilated. Last week ended up flying by. The weather was beautiful Thursday through the weekend, so I laid on a pool raft at my mom's pool all day every day. My contractions continued all weekend, but as my doctor confirmed this morning I haven't dilated anymore. I am officially off of the medication to stop the contractions and bed rest. I'm back at work and will just wait for the contractions to be 5 minutes apart for 2 hours before we go back to the hospital. I had a non stress test last Thursday and again today. Jackson looks great and isn't under any stress. He grew a lot last week, last Monday I measured at 32 and on Thursday I measured 35.5. Today was only 33, but I am very swollen again which I'm sure plays a role in that.

Mr. Wilson asked me this morning if I was just so ready for this to be over. I wasn't sure how to answer that question. I really love being pregnant. I hate how uncomfortable I am at times, but I feel so blessed that I was able to get to this point I want to cherish every moment of it. I am so ready to meet our son, but I want him to be healthy and fully cooked. So, now we'll just sit and wait for that time to come.


The Dennstaedt's June 1, 2009 at 5:48 PM  

You are so cute. I see your pics and makes me miss being prego...wait did I seriously just say that?? wow.

Best wishes to you in the next few weeks, what a whirlwind it will all be!

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