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Big Boy Bed Updates

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tried and true, Jackson has always followed a rule of three.  Any change in his schedule or routine means 3-days of hell before it sticks.  And just like that, on the 4th day, it becomes the new normal.

After converting Jackson's crib into his toddler bed, we had a few sleepless nights and multiple meltdowns {both toddler and momma}.  I won't go into the details of said meltdowns where this momma may have rearranged furniture in the middle of the night in attempts to turn walls into makeshift crib rails.  Or the morning we woke up and found Jackson asleep on the floor outside our bedroom door because he knew he'd be in trouble if he crossed our threshold one.more.time. 

Those 3 days seemed to last an eternity, but are now just days in our past.  That phase too has passed, and my baby is a little boy now more then ever.

Jackson climbs up in his bed and taps his fat little hand on his pillow to signal for me to lay with him a minute.  He certainly doesn't need me to lay with him, but his kind heart knows that his momma needs to lay with him.  And when he's had enough, he kisses me goodnight and politely rolls over as to say, okay you can leave now get out now momma!

And that's all we hear from him until the morning, when his sweet feet pitter-patter all the way to our room.

Sure there are still the rare nights that I find him curled up on the floor or with a random toy or two when I go in to peek on him, but those instances are fewer and fewer.

But, I have to say that last night's findings was the best one yet.  I had to play a little game of Where's Jackson? to find him under all of his friends. He went to bed with just two airplanes and his blankets...and some how Elmo and three puppies snuggled there way in!

  Someone was a very quiet, busy boy last night:)


Ashley September 20, 2011 at 12:06 PM  

Awww he may be a lil beaming toddler, but he still sleeps like a sweet lil baby with his bootie poking way up in the air (my favorite!)
Love you guys! XO

Jennifer September 20, 2011 at 2:10 PM  

Oh my goodness, this just melted my heart! The picture of him outside your bedroom door -- priceless.

Congrats on the transition!

My boys are still sleeping in cribs!

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