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My Eggs

>> Monday, April 9, 2012

I hope y'all had a wonderful Easter! We were blessed with some great weather and even better company - that deserves a post of its own for sure.  I promise, it's coming. Today is Mr.'s 38th birthday, which deserves a post as well!

Back to me and my eggs...or lack there of...

We hoped that the Easter Bunny would forgo my basket this year and just fill my uterus full of eggs! From the looks of my ultrasound this morning, I am surely FULL of follicles, but am still missing the golden egg(s). 

My uterine lining measured an even 12.  But, my largest follicle was only 16mm, next up was 14mm, followed by a dozen or so between 7mm-11mm.  To say that I'm feeling full and bloated would be a huge understatement, at least now I know why! E2 level was 315 and LH was suppressed, meaning that there is no danger that I'll be ovulating any time soon.

After a chat with my nurses and doctor, I'm going to do Bravelle injections tonight and tomorrow night.  I believe it does the same thing as Follistim, but they are hoping that my body will respond better to it.  Meaning that my follicles will grow bigger so that I can trigger ovulation.  I go back for another ultrasound and lab work on Wednesday morning.  My nurse said we need to be greedy, and hold out for the best follicles.  I have to say, I agree!

Until then, grow follicles, grow!!!


the tichenor family April 9, 2012 at 5:37 PM  

praying for you, your eggs, your family... hoping baby #2 is on the way oh so soon!

Aimee and Stephan April 9, 2012 at 10:11 PM  

Praying for you! I know exactly how you feel and please remain hopeful that all will work out!! I love your blog and know that it gives hope to people like dust to you :) AB

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