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4 months!

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

My little peanut is 4 months old! I cannot begin to tell you the joy and love this little man has brought into my life. He can truly light up a room and melt your heart with his smile. His coo and laughs are so contagious. Jackson is quite the cuddler and I hope he stays this way forever.

Jackson rolls from his belly to his back, and is working on his back to belly. He will sit for a few seconds, if you put him in that position. His most favorite thing to do is "stand" on your legs or a flat surface.

I am still nursing, but Jackson takes 2-3 breast milk bottles with the sitter while I am at work. He still eats 4 oz bottles, but with his size you would think it was double that! Jackson is a pretty good sleeper, he goes down for bed anytime between 9-10 and sleeps anywhere between 6-9 hours, eats and goes right back to sleep. I have a sitter that comes to our house to watch Jackson, so he naps when he wants. He normally takes a morning and afternoon nap.

Jackson is starting to drool a lot and is bubbly all the time. He loves to chew on his hands or your finger:) He prefers this to his pacifier. When he can find it, Jackson will go to town sucking his thumb. It is pretty cute:)

He loves his exersaucer, we put a pillow under it and that has made him able to enjoy it longer. Jackson still LOVES his bath and could stay in the tub all night. It is adorable! Jackson hates to be craddled and will fuss even harder if you do. He likes to look over your shoulder and if you shhhh in his ear it calms him and puts him to sleep.

I can't remember what life was like before this little came and stole my heart. Everyday he gets older is so bittersweet.

4 months, 16 lbs. 4 oz, 25.5" - 75% for height and weight, 50% for head circumference


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