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Pitiful Baby Boy

>> Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I thought last night was going to be a good night... we got home from work and Jackson was in a great mood. We went for a walk, played, talked and cooed until bedtime. Jackson's nose was runny, but he was in good spirits. Bedtime routine was great, Jackson went straight down to bed. About 30 minutes after my tired head hit the pillow my little man was awake and screaming. I tried everything, but between the drool and the snot running down my little man's face he was pitiful! The harder he cried, the more his nose ran, and then he would cough and panic because he couldn't breath very well.

The booger/nose sucker (what are these things called???) and orajel were my good friends last night. I kept Jackson in bed with us, so we got a little bit of sleep. I just felt so bad for him! What do you do when your little one seems to have a cold?

I haven't posted pictures in a couple of days, these are from last week. We're so ready for fall!


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