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St. John's Post 1: Getting there

>> Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The night before we left for St. John we basically pulled an all nighter, which is something I haven't done since college. Our flight left out of New Orleans at 6AM, so we had to leave the house at 2AM to check in by 4AM. By the time we finished packing and showering for our travels, we were way too excited to sleep:)

All 8 of us (we met up with my sister and her little family in Miami, making us a party of 11) made it through security and boarded our flight without a hitch.  Jackson was totally mesmerized by all of the airplanes and couldn't wait to go for a ride!

The early morning flight started out pretty good.  Jackson got a little antsy while waiting to take off, but we all took a snooze soon after we took off...until Jackson woke up and proceeded to puke on me, twice! It was a total mess and I only packed a change of clothes for Jackson, which won't happen again!

We said our prayers that Jackson wasn't coming down with a virus and kept him in just a diaper for the rest of the flight in fear that he'd get sick again and mess another outfit.  Luckily, this was just a one time incident and Jackson seemed back to normal shortly thereafter.

Our layover in Miami wasn't too bad.  I got myself cleaned up and we grabbed some breakfast while we waited for my sister to land.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on sweet Amelia, who is even sweeter now with her smiles and belly laughs!

The flight from Miami to St. Thomas was much better then our first leg, especially since I didn't get puked on:) Jackson kept pretty entertained watching Cars and Fresh Beat while eating an entire thing of Puffs!

By the time we landed in St. Thomas, collected all 14 of our bags, and loaded into the taxi-van - it was time for a drink! Truth be told, a few of us took the locals up on their welcome shots of Rum as we got off the plane, but it was time for a beach drink.  Our driver took us to Duffy's Love Shack and we celebrated the start of vacation with a lovely Bushwhacker, my favorite frozen!

After our quick drink stop, it was time to head to the ferry for our ride over to St. John.  If you've lost track, we've now been in a car, a plane, and now a boat! Total travel time was close to 18 hours, on next to no sleep...but once we picked up our Jeeps and arrived at Edin's Whim - it was pure paradise!!!
One of our 3 Jeeps parked outside the main house

This is right outside our room, we stayed in the "pool house"

another view outside our room

Kitchen, completely stocked before we got there, in the main house

View from my sister's room - wing off of the main house - our "pool house" is back left

pool, looking up at the main house

Yep, you could say the the travel was well worth it! We were even able to rent all of our baby equipment and had it delivered and set up for us.  The car seats were waiting for us in the jeeps and the beach toys, cribs, etc. were all at the house.  I highly recommend renting through Island Baby is y'all are ever in St. John, they were awesome!

Next up - Days 1 & 2 of beach hoping:)


Jennifer June 8, 2011 at 7:24 AM  

OMG....all of that travelling is worth it to stay at a place as nice as that!! I am guessing it is a house that you rent opposed to a resort style place?? I can't wait to see more!

Ms. J June 8, 2011 at 5:08 PM  

That looks like an awesome house!! We have been to St. John twice, once we stayed in a house and just recently in a resort. It is definitely a lot of traveling to get there {And scary roads to drive on!} but the beaches are beyond gorgeous! St. John is where we just found out I was pregnant :)

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