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10 months and 36 years

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

What a special day for my Wilson men! Jackson is ten months old today and Mr. is celebrating his 36th birthday. My guys bring so much happiness and joy to my life. Sometime I have to pinch myself. What did I do to deserve two prince charming's?

At ten months, Jackson weighs about 22-23 pounds, has 4 teeth (with another starting to cut through), and is still 28 inches tall. Busy boy has lost a couple of baby fat pounds, but it certainly doesn't show. I find it strange that he hasn't grown taller in months. However, we have a handful of friends with kids around Jackson's age and they are all about the same height. It's still something I have on my list to discuss with the pediatrician.

Jackson is pretty much on the same feeding schedule. We've found that the less baby food he eats at night the better he sleeps. I guess nursing fills up his tummy just fine. He goes down about 8pm and will sleep until about 6am, nurse and go back down until after 8am. Jackson is taking one long (about 3 hour) daily nap now instead of two shorter naps.

Our new nanny continues to do very well with Jackson. It is amazing just how much developmentally he has changed in the past month. He personality shines more and more everyday! Jackson loves to pull-up and stand on everything. And as long as he has something to grab onto, he's walking! My baby is turning into such a little boy.

It hurts Jackson's feelings when you tell him "no no". I have to try really hard not to give in or laugh at him. Sometimes his pouts are so fake he cracks himself up. Jackson has also mastered crawling. He still army crawls, but I'm glad to know he can crawl. He definitely gets around!

I would go into Mr.'s 36 year stats for you, but I think you'd rather see Jackson's pictures instead:) Happy Birthday babe, we love you!


Lisa April 12, 2010 at 3:45 PM  

awwww happy birthdays to the men in your life :)

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