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Rainy days

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jackson has been tickled to death that he's been able to wear his rain boots to school a few days now, since it has in fact been raining! I know, it's a hard concept for an almost 3-year-old to grasp.  The weather has been rainy and dreary for what seems likes weeks now, and there's no end in the forecast anytime soon.  Oh do I miss my sunshine!

When we got home last night Jackson ran for his bubbles in the garage and begged to blow bubbles in the rain.  And with a face this cute, I certainly couldn't say no!

So, we went on the back porch and blew bubbles, listened to the thunder roll, and chased lizards until the rain picked up again.  I haven't taken out my camera in weeks, which still needs to be repaired, but I was able to snap a few pictures that just make me smile!
chasing lizards...
blowing bubbles...
Listening to the thunder, his pants got soaked with spilled bubbles:)
The expression of a toddler finding a lizard in the rain, priceless:)
he melts my heart!
For moments like this, I'd take weeks of the rain:)


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