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>> Friday, March 2, 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday y'all! I am so stinking excited for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be sunny and I plan on being outside as much as possible. I am craving some fresh air and play time with my boys! We've been so stir crazy lately that Jackson literally turned himself into a "Jack-in-the-box"!

Did I mention that Jackson is officially potty-trained! He's been trained for a little over a month now, but I wanted to be sure before I made the big announcement:) It is still surreal to me that I will never have to buy diapers for him again, pull-up's maybe, but the powdery smell of Pampers won't be inhaled until we're blessed with another baby.  Jackson wears his big boy Buzz Lightyear underwear during the day and pull-ups for bedtime. He does wake up dry, but I am not about to change sheets in the middle of the night in the unfortunate circumstance that he would wet the bed. 
Big boy in his class picture!
In other Jackson news, we finished up his 6 week round of antibiotics on Wednesday night.  I am praying that this really "fixed" him this time around, and that we make it a good month without getting sick! He remained well the entire time he was on the medicine, except for the two days after Mardi Gras that he ran a random fever.

I finished up 10 days of progesterone on Tuesday night, which I hope to never have to take again, so the waiting game has begun for my period to start.  Over those 10 days I bloated worse then ever and gained 6 unsightly pounds.  It kicked my ass, and I've never been so happy to throw away an empty pill bottle in my life! And I'm on a mission to kick those 6 pounds before I have to start injecting myself with baby-makin' hormones and the real weight gain begins! I'm down 3, so I'm hoping I can drop the last 3 by next week - eek!

I had a bit of a pity-party for my hormone induced, fat self, last Saturday afternoon.  After cleaning the house and the empty bedroom that has been waiting to be a nursery for 10 long months, I decided to turn it into Jackson's playroom.  I mean a watched pot never boils, right?!? Jackson isn't too sure about his new space, and prefers to play in his room.  We'll see what comes of it though.
Jackson has a new rain boot obsession, I have no clue where he gets this from:)
This may be the most random post ever, but we've had a lot going on lately!
Another friend of mine, also named Stephanie, and her husband started a precious boys clothing line.  JV Clothiers was formed for those parents looking for high-quality, "preppy" collegiate sports attire for boys beyond jon-jons.  Anyway, their clothes are too cute and they are currently hosting a draft pick model search, and I would love for you to take a moment to vote for Jackson.  Please and thank you:)

Lastly, don't forget that when L.M.N.O.P Embroidery & Gifts reaches 100 fans, I'll have great giveaway for you! Stephanie is only 11 fans away, have you liked her page yet?!?

I hope all have a great weekend, here's to hoping next week brings us CD 1 and progress on Baby Wilson 2.0!



Amy March 2, 2012 at 2:04 PM  

Go Jackson! That is awesome he's potty trained, brady prob would be by now if i wasn't afraid :)

GOod luck on baby stuff :) I agree, progesterone is evil!!!

Ashley March 2, 2012 at 3:05 PM  

OMG potty trained, will you do a post on how you did it? Will has been uber interested in the potty lately and while I know its early I went out and bought our first potty seat today!
I have no idea what your baby talk stuff means but I am SO stinkin excited about it all!
Love and miss you guys so much! xoxo

Lisa March 3, 2012 at 9:34 AM  

I've been wondering what you've been up to! I also am a big hater of progesterone, I pack on the pounds the same way whenever I was on it. SO dont miss that stuff, but all for a good cause.

Hope J is getting better...M is still on the roller coaster with no dx in sight (yet!)

Jennifer March 4, 2012 at 9:40 PM  

LOL...that was a catch up post ;-)
I am so glad to hear that Jackson is potty are ahead of Anthony has been great with pee-ing but won't poop yet. Hopefully soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are headed down a good path and maybe the playroom won't be a playroom for very long :-)

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