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Brummett Visit

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

(continuation from previous post...)

Mr. re-packed the car Friday morning and we continued on our way to Dallas. It was bizarre to see the ground covered in so much snow. It reminded me of my college days driving home from Des Moines, but instead we were driving from Louisiana to Texas!

We arrived safely at the lovely Brummett home just before dinner. I say lovely because that is what their home truly is. You can feel the love and happiness as soon as you walk through the door. Four kids and two dogs would have me totally frazzled. It totally completes and becomes them. However, no matter how many times we played "house" and "babies" growing up, I don't think we imagined things to play out so well in real life.

Friday night we ate a great dinner and watched our babies play together Jackson roll around trying to eat all of the girls toys. As the night progressed we watched Jackson fall head over heals in love. Landrie was Jackson's first kiss when he was just weeks old. I'm serious when I tell you that this girl makes his eyes twinkle and his heart pitter patter. He lights up when he gets her attention!
Landrie and Jackson's first kiss

Jackson's twinkle

Saturday morning we loaded the kids in the Brummett baby hauler and kissed our Mr.'s good-bye for the day. Like all good friends, Stephanie let me indulge in my California Pizza Kitchen salad. And as always, it was amazing! We spent the rest of the day shopping and changing Jackson's blow outs. I went through 3 outfits before the day was over!

We met back up with our hubbies for dinner at a great Mexican restaurant. After a day of shopping with three kids under 2, we were ready for some Corona's and chips & salsa! A friend of mine from college also lives in Dallas now, so she came and met us too. We had a nice visit and of course, our kids kept us on our toes!
Michelle meets Jackson

Landrie dancing with half of her dinner on her face:)

Sweet Ella watching her sister dance dance

The definition of a toddler Hot Mess

Ladies Landrie's Man

The trip went by way to fast, we can't wait to see the Brummett bunch again! Jackson was so worn out from the trip that he slept the whole six hours home. Young love:)


Amber February 19, 2010 at 9:00 AM  

Oh my gosh, I love Jackson's "Ladies Man" shirt! Glad you guys had a good visit and now I'm craving California Pizza Kitchen :)

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