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SpRiNg Weekend

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

We finally had a weekend of wonderful SpRiNg weather and it was fabulous! I seriously wish that we lived somewhere that had this climate all year long. Our Spring will soon turn into the oppressive heat and smothering humidity that is South Louisiana Summer.

Friday night we met some friends for dinner and had a nice time catching up. It's sad how much we lost touch with our friends since we've had Jackson. The funny thing is that we are always on the go and out on the town. We've just been a party of 3!

Saturday we opened the windows and I did some spring cleaning. How is it possible for so much dust to accumulate behind dressers and beds??? It grosses me out that we have been sleeping with so much dirt and dust under our bed!

After I purged the house, we took Jackson to the park for a nice long walk. We were even lucky enough to run into our sister-in-law and nephew. We ended the night with Coronas and Fajitas with my parents.

Since the house was already clean on Sunday, we were able to have a completely lazy day. I made us blueberry muffins, which Jackson LOVED. Then we packed up and headed down the road to Avery Island. I'm going to do a separate post because it was that awesome:)

We also hired our new nanny on Sunday, and I am really looking forward to having her. Although, Jackson is teething again and isn't his happy self today. I hope he doesn't scare her away!

We ended the weekend with an awesome dinner made by my awesome Mr. My parents and grandma joined us for dinner. Since my parents have to redo their kitchen they will be eating with us a lot in the next couple of weeks!

If you're still reading this long post, take note that I did some spring cleaning on my blog too. I added some pages and information about us. I hope you take a minute to check it all out.

I leave you with pictures of my muffin man. Be sure to come back and see my Avery Island picture post!


Amber March 8, 2010 at 4:11 PM  

P.S. I love the new look!

Amber March 8, 2010 at 4:11 PM  

Jackson is the cutest. Let us know how the new Nanny works out!

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