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2009 Review and 2010 Resolutions

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this post finds you all rested and ready for great things in 2010:) We rang in the new year with my family - we ordered pizza and sat outside in our pajamas and watched the men pop fireworks for us. It was a great night!

During the evening I took some time to think about the year, and how fast it went by and how much my life changed. I thanked God for my family, our health and our blessings.

I also took some time to think about changes that I wanted to make in the new year. Of course I'd love to shed the holiday weight that replaced the baby weight I had so diligently lost. The Mr. and I set financial goals for the year, watch out budgeting bulldog has returned! I let go of my OCD ways after Jackson was born and I have to get us back on track. We would like to buy a new house this year that will give us more room and rooms to expand our family someday. We have also decided to cut somethings from our lifestyle to afford us things that will make our life easier - like going home from lunch so that I can have a house cleaner.

The most important change that we'd like to make is our relationship with each other and with God. I am sure (or I hope) some of you can relate, after Jackson was born our focus changed from each other to him. We need to find a better balance, and are working towards that. I have also realized how much I miss going to church. The Mr. and I aren't the same religion and have let that be an excuse to not go to church for too long. This year we will find a church that we both get something out of and have Jackson baptized.

Well those are our goals, I am posting this to hold myself accountable! What are your goals, have you written yours down?

2009 Year Review
Jan - My baby bump

Feb - It's a BOY!

March - Baby boy gets a name - Jackson Christopher

April - Showered with Love

May - Mother's Day, Pre-term labor, cook baby cook!

June - Happy Birthday Jackson!

July - First family trip to the beach

August - Family fun, meeting the Brummett girls, Wilson cousins and mommy goes back to work

September - Football & Geaux Tigers!

October - Arrr! Happy Halloween

November - The Brummett girls come visit and we take Jackson on his first trip to St. Louis for Thanksgiving

December - The first gift of Christmas


Meant to be a mom January 5, 2010 at 5:00 PM  

What adorable pictures.
It looks like you guys had a wonderful year.

I hope your new years goals happen for you this year. I understand what you mean about your focus changing once the baby came. I find that problem with myself.
I need to make more time to pray throughout my day like I used to.

Now when I have free time I'm thinking about the little man.

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