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11 months

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 months - May 9th, Mother's Day - I'm a little late in posting!

I can't believe that in less than one month, my baby boy will be turning 1! I still tell people we just had a baby - well it feels like we just had a baby! I think the sleep deprivation and mommy brain put me in a time warp. Seriously, it feels like just yesterday I was blogging about preterm labor and contractions.

As much as I hate that Jackson is getting so big, I absolutely love this age. He has such a personality and is an absolute character. We're going to have our hands full, without a doubt!

Jackson is starting to walk more and more everyday. When he gains confidence and realizes he doesn't need something to hold on to, he'll be running. I'm still patiently waiting for "Momma" to come out of his sweet little mouth. His voice has to be the sweetest sound I have ever heard - of course, after his heartbeat and first cry:) He babbles a lot, I'm won't be surprised when those babbles turn into sentences. I think he's like his Momma, and has a lot to say!

Speaking of his Momma, I think he got his sleeping skill (or lack there of) from me too. He either has a great night or a bad one. Poor kid, I know just how he feels. Sleepy or well rested, he is a Momma's boy... and I can't say that I don't love it. He gives the biggest hugs and slobbery wet kisses. He loves to lay his head on my shoulder while he sucks his thumb and grabs his ear. There is nothing better then seeing his face light up when get home from work.

I'm still nursing and pumping (and thankful that I've been able to do this for almost a year). It's hard for me to believe that my breast milk has made such a fat jolly little boy.

11 month stats - 25 lbs. and 29". He has three top teeth and a fourth starting to blister. As of right now, he only has two bottom teeth!


Amber May 12, 2010 at 6:30 PM  

Jackson is such a sweet little man :) 11 months old! I know I'm going to blink and my Jax will be running, walking and talking, too.

Kayla May 13, 2010 at 9:21 AM  

Such a pertiful baby!!

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